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Hello. I have no experience in teaching, but I am persistent. When teaching, I'll try to start from the students' weaknesses. As a bilingual student myself, I consider speaking skills are priority, so I would perfectionate that area. I am available, meaning students can contact me for any doubt they have.

I have local books for the students to...

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I had been 8 times national champion of Panama
Im Fide International Master
my strength is in develop chess training plans and work hard for chess improvement.
I help you to understand how to use chess software and adapt it to your improvement.
I have represented my country in 7 world chess olympiads.
first-ever IM in Panama

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My name is Dr Cobb and I have been teaching within the medical sciences for several years. I have been a professor of anatomy on the MD course and have taught in both the UK and USA. Currently, I am a professor and clinical tutor across medical programs in the UK and USA. My specialities are within Anatomy, Embryology, Histology, Pharmacy and...

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