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Hello, this is Amr, a medical graduate.
I finshed my step one on september 2021 so I have fresh concepts, and now preparing for my step 2ck.

I have about one year experience of online teaching : I tutored some students step one subjects; First Aid, Uworld, Anki Cards.

I can help you understand difficult concepts using ipad with digital...

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  • Amir Sohail Medical field (MBBS,O level,A level) English,USMLE
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As a medical professional I am here to help you guys in science subjects especially to medical students doing MBBS,BDS or in any other medical related field.I also warmly welcome students doing USMLE step 1 and having difficulties regarding understanding of First Aid book and U world mcqs.As of me im a graduate of MBBS from King Edward Medical...

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I am Dr.Amna Masood currently working as a doctor in one of the best hospitals of Asia, Mayo Hospital Lahore. I did my MBBS with distinction from the world renowned institute of Pakistan i e. King Edward Medical University whose thousands of graduates are currently working in US and UK and i aspire to be one of them.
Im a hard-working person and...

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I am Dr. Sajeeha Ashraf, currently working as a Healthcare Professional in the biggest and oldest hospital of Pakistan, Mayo. I passed my USMLE Step 1 exam for which I prepared myself without any outside help. I have always been above average in grasping the concepts and memorizing text by making mnemonics, flow charts and diagrams. It helped me...

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  • 2.0 yr.
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Hello everyone !
You are all here looking at my profile.I would feel happy to let u all know about me.
Being a medical professional,I would like to help you guys in science subjects Especially MBBS & BDS subjects and subjects related to any other medical fields .
* As of me, I am a graduate of MBBS king Edward medical university, Lahore, the...

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★TOP-RATED Medical Tutor by TeacherOn★

If you need " OUTSTANDING GRADES" in your exams and assignments you have reached at the right profile.

USMLE Step 1 - 262
Gold Medalist (Physiology, Pharmacology, Special Pathology)

Hey there!
I'm Dr Tajamal Hayat, a fresh graduate from King Edward medical university, one of the top medical...

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  • 4.0 yr.
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🔔My Credentials:

☑️ USMLE Step 1- 263
☑️ USMLE Step 2CK- 249
☑️ OET: Cleared with OET Gold Standard Badge
•Speaking 400
•Listening 420
•Reading 450
•Writing 370
☑️ ECFMG Certified
☑️ Gold Medalist (Anatomy, Physiology, Medicine)

🔔 About me :

Hi there!
I am a fresh MBBS graduate and can teach all MBBS and other sciences...

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