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I have completed a Ph.D. from JNTUH Hyderabad from the department of ECE. My area of research is low power VLSI. My self qualified in GATE 93.6 percentile in 2003.I have 15 years of experience in teaching.I have 10 years of online teaching. I will help you in assignments exam preparation,quiz,lab preparation. My aim is to provide top quality...

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* More than 15 years of experience
* Embedded Systems
* Electrical & Electronics Engineer
* Software & Hardware
* Signal Processing
* Microcontrollers (8051, AVR, PIC, ARM, TI (MSP430), Motorola (HCS12) ...)
* Arduino
* Machine Learning
* Data Visualization
* Computer Vision
* Image Processing
* OpenCV
* Robotics
* Android

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Hi Everyone, I am Ayushi, graduated in electrical engineering, and currently working as a teaching assistant post at my university.

- I am a part-time subject matter EXPERT at Chegg and receive many positive ratings across the world.
- Dedicated and determined!

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I have scored 98 percentile in Gate. I have completed my masters from A+ institute of India. I took GATE coaching from ACE academy and have good study material from there. I have good teaching skills which keep students involved till the end of the class. I always use real-time examples in my teaching which help students to learn topic well. I can...

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About Me
Twenty plus years of industry experience in the following areas:
Semiconductor Design (FPGA, ASIC),
Embedded System Design
Algorithm Development

Training Program Highlights:
Trainer with 20+ yrs industry experience,
Exhaustive Practice sessions,
Online training using web collaboration tools.

Training Delivery:

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  • 15.0 yr.
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I am here to solve your problems, questions and Assignments of Electrical Engineering or Mathematics. I worked for many Indian coaching centers to design their test series exams and study material.
I can solve many subjects of Electrical Engineering like Control,Signal,DSP,Analog Circuit,EDC,DLD and Mathematics.
So If you want any help in any of...

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Hi, I am an Analog Integrated Circuit Design Engineer. I can help you with all problems related to the analysis and design of analog circuits. I can teach you how to approach systematically the right solution of complicated circuit problems. Not only that, but I can help you with design labs that leverage your intuition level about circuits and...

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Understanding fundamentals of a subject is very important, Therefore I will be giving basic theory first for the module your have selected. Then related question which are expected to come for your exams will be discussed. If any doubts it will be cleared at the discussion session. You will no need to pay for the discussion sessions. This is...

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I am a passionate tech-enthusiast with a Post Grad in Signal Processing and over 10 years of industry experience in Computer Vision and Embedded H/W - S/W co-processing and design.
I also have experience with Data Science, Machine Learning and Data Analysis. I can teach you various programming languages including Embedded C/C++, Matlab,...

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Expert in Verilog, Digital Design System, System Verilog can teach you from the beginning to the advance level.
I’m committed to not only using my knowledge and skills in the classroom, but also and more importantly, to be an integral part of my student’s development. This sincere interest in the pupils’ personal growth has been my primary...

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ALL SUBJECT OF Electronics & Communication ENGINEERING... &Amp; VLSI Design.. &Amp; Math all levels.
M.Tech ( VLSI Technology )
B.Tech (Electronics & Communication)

One year teaching experience Govt.Sr.Sec.Boys School, Janakpuri, West Delhi.
Teaching Mathematics (10th, 11th, 12th) Standard from last four years.
Providing help in...

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Education is not just learning things . It's application that one should use in real world. I am here to feel my student the beauty of education. Real time examples makes the study interesting. According to me if we do focused study than it saves lots of time and useless efforts .

I help my students to develop problem solving attitude and...

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I have 8+ years of experience in digital/FPGA/ASIC design and verification, I have guided a significant number of students on their university projects. Most of the projects were FPGA based.
Since I have been working in the semiconductor industry for quite a long time and have written a significant number of blogs on various topics, I believe I...

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I have 4+ years experience in asic verification. I am export in verilog system verilog and UVM. I know some industry standard protocols like AXI AHB, APB, MEMORY CONTROLLER and ETHERNET. I will help you to enhance your skills and assignments.
I will providing online class on Digital Electronics, verilog, system verilog and UVM and also help in...

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Hi, My name is Muhammad Faisal. I live in Multan Pakistan. I'm graduated in BS Computer Science (4 years) with high CGPA 3.64/4. A highly enthusiastic teaching professional who is eager to provide all students with a solid education. Proven ability for discovering students varying learning styles, ensuring they meet each student unique academic...

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I am pursing my ME-VLSI DESIGN degree(II year) with 85%. I have a sound knowledge in Digital Electronics, VLSI design,Verilog HDL, System Verilog, UVM basics C and OOP concepts . I know to work with Xilinx, Questasim Tanner EDA Sedit,Wedit and Tspice. I can make students to understand in an easier and interesting way. I am ready to explain the...

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Strong knowledge of Verilog, SystemVerilog, Digital Logic Design, Complete VLSI Design Flow, Static Timing Analysis, PPA analysis and optimisation techniques. More focused on implementation of a fundamental concept of VLSI Design and Verification, Can help in any frontend or backend project or to learn a skillset. Can help to learn OOPs concepts,...

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  • Nirav Embedded Development

Nirav image

I am an Electronics and communication engineer who loves to explain what I learned and share experiences. I have knowledge of Embedded systems design RTL design-related field if you want to explore this topic than u can reach me out. I am currently RTL design Engineer having more than one-year experiences in the field


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  • Saeid Reza Signal Processing, Biomedical Engineering, Control


My teaching style is to describe the subject very easily to the student and to make sure that he/she understands every single detail. I have more than 15 years of teaching experience in different universities at different undergraduate and graduate levels. During all this time my students have been very satisfied. I try to get my students involved...

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Welcome to my profile! I hope you have a strong zeal to know about me. Here my profile:-
Technical skills:-
-skilled in operating HPLC and GCMS and analyzing the purity of the material through chromotograph.
synthesis:-Experience working with synopsis design compiler for synthesis.
Physical design flow:-floor planning,Placement and routing,...

  • United States
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