Audit tutor jobs

Salam.My name is Wajahat
I’m a student.I’m looking for a teacher to teach me accounting and help me in solving past papers plus my exams are near.The domains which my Exam have are advance financial accounting , cost and managerial accounting , financial management, Auditing , and Taxation (Pakistan) My phone number is ********* I hope you’ll...

  • Jul 31
  • Bedian Rd, Heir, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Hi my name Mansour and I want Auditing teacher

  • Jul 19
  • Al Falah - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
  • $27/hour


Required Experience:
- Engineering Sustainability
- CES Granta Edupack software to produce eco audit

Task Details:
- Report Format (10 A4 pages font Arial, size 12) not including references and appendice.
- Research a laptop stand product with potential improvement to sustainability aspects
- Use CES Granta Edupack software...

  • Jul 14
  • Liverpool, UK