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Building Construction tutor jobs

I am looking for a teacher good at building materials to help me in my exam it will be tomorrow from 10;30 to 12 ad my budget is around 35$ and my WhatsApp number is *********

  • 3 hours ago
  • İzmit, Kocaeli, Turkey
  • $35 (Fixed)

My son who is in the 8th semester, B arch, needs overall Help for all the subjects, we prefer personal teaching initially and later once a better understanding is found we could agree on online as well, we looking for a teacher with CADD teaching ability to the student, regarding the fee we could discuss and certainly acknowledge Good teaching...

  • 6 hours ago
  • Jun 16
  • Horamavu, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • $136/month

I need someone who can solve my building construction exam and get me a high mark

  • Jun 11
  • Jordan St., Amman, Jordan
  • $28 (Fixed)

I am looking for someone who teaches Building construction and drafting. I’m doing my B.Arch 2nd semester. My budget is 1000 per hour.

  • May 27
  • May 27
  • Basaveshwar Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560079, India
  • $14 (Fixed)

I’m looking for someone with experience in teaching Building Construction( structural Mechanics). I’m studying architecture in Politecnico di Torino (online, remotely) My hometown is Istanbul. I will take the test on 16 June. I need help during my test and I would like to discuss this issue with tutors. I can provide an example about the test.

  • May 24
  • Kadıköy/Istanbul, Turkey
  • $47 (Fixed)

I study architecture at the University of Politecnico di Torino and continue my education onlinr remotely. I would like to talk to you about this issue, which I will take the Building Construction Studio( structural Mechanics) course in June.

  • May 24
  • Kadıköy/Istanbul, Turkey
  • $47 (Fixed)

i am looking for an expert in construction materials (civil engineering course) for my exam at 8am june 1st. the exam will be 2 hours and i am willing to pay 80 dollars.
However, please make sure that you are aware and good with the following topics before contacting me:
1) aggregates and their properties 2) portland cement concrete (absolute...

  • May 30
  • Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
  • $79 (Fixed)

-i need an advanced tutor that will give me a high grade (class material and method building construction ) i have an exam on june 6 (multiple choice and short answer around 30 questions in 50 min cover 4 chapters

  • May 25
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • $167/week