Calculus 3 tutor jobs

I am looking for someone who can solve calculus 3 quiz

  • 8 hours ago
  • Tla al-Ali, Amman, Jordan

I need tutors that will solve exams for me. I have dynamics(mechanical engineering) and calculus 3. The calculus exam will be all MCQs but it will be hard and it will have 30 questions in 1 and a half hours. The dynamics exam will also last 1 and a half hours but it will have mostly essay questions that require full and I mean full working out...

  • Yesterday
  • Al Hijrah Rd, Medina Saudi Arabia

I am looking for assistance for calculus lll.
but that strictly can follow my notes and fast...

  • Apr 13
  • Brooklyn, NY, USA

I need help in a coming math exam calculus 2,3,4 . This is most of the topics : Double Integration, and Taylor and Maclaurin Series , vector Functions, Functions of Complex Variables, Matrices and Linear Simultaneous Equations, and Matrix ODES, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors. The Exam will be only two hours and it’s around 11 questions with parts

  • Yesterday
  • Muroor Rd - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Required Maths tuitions for topics Functions of several variables, differentiation . The course is named Calculus 4 which is in 4th sem on Bsc Maths course

  • Yesterday
  • Valsad, Gujarat, India

i need help in partial ( calculus 3 ) in these topics :
Vector Fields,
Divergence of a Vector Field,
Curl of a Vector Field,
Line integrals,
Path Independence of Line Integral,
Green’s Theorem in The Plane,
Surface Integrals,
Divergence Theorem for Gauss,
Stoke’s Theorem,

  • Apr 12
  • Madrid, Spain
  • $24 (Fixed)

i want calculus 3 course and differentiation equation course

contact me ********

  • Apr 12
  • Al Jubeiha, Amman, Jordan

I'm looking for someone has experience in Calculus 3 (201) i want him to help my with my final exam, my budget is 35$ per hour, we'll discuss about it .

  • Apr 12
  • Az Zibarah, Hail 55425, Saudi Arabia
  • $40 (Fixed)

I need someone to help in calculus 3
quizzes and assaiments
any one want to talk with me I will test him and deal after that
contact me on what's app

  • Apr 11
  • An Naseem, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
  • $40/hour

Vector calculus exam help (INTERMEDIATE ANALYSIS) , full mark only !

  • Apr 11
  • Ajloun, Jordan
  • $28 (Fixed)

need CALC 2

  • Apr 12
  • Dunellen, NJ 08812, USA

I am looking for a professional and an expert at calculus 3 to help me solve my assignment.

  • Apr 8
  • Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
  • $27 (Fixed)

Multi variable calculus

  • Apr 7
  • Apr 2
  • Detroit, MI, USA
  • $40 (Fixed)

I have quiz in numerical analysis ( matlab) and calculus 3

  • Apr 6
  • Corniche, Al Khobar Saudi Arabia

Dear all kindly i want a professional tutor in calculus 3 and differential equations thanks regards

  • Apr 5
  • Al Jubeiha, Amman, Jordan

calculus 3 mid term

  • Apr 5
  • Sayyid al-Shuhada, Medina Saudi Arabia
  • $40 (Fixed)

I need help with cal 3. Please let me know if you can help

  • Apr 3
  • Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, TX, USA


  • Apr 2
  • Richardson, TX, USA
  • $50/hour

I need a professional Dr to help me in quizzes and exams in calculus 3 and statics as soon as possible

  • Mar 31
  • Mar 31
  • Tabuk Saudi Arabia

Hello guys. I need an expert to help me with Math (Calculus III)

  • Mar 30
  • Jabal Al Hussein, Amman, Jordan
  • $56/hour