Chemistry (A level and O level) tutors

Main focus of a teacher is to make there student
Like them infact much more better
And a great teacher is that who can teach even a nill student amd make him/her shine
Because if students shine ultimately a teacher shines
Students results are teachers results
You can do much better if teacher is focusing completely
A good teacher knows how...

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teaching style is good methodology as student's demand and result will be good and honesty and knowledge is make me good teacher ever thing is good when i am going to present in front of student's they can only provide feedback about my teaching and all. last year i was take class in subject biology in 11 and 12 student was like more and more my...

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  • John Munene Mathematics, chemistry, biology, social sciences

My name is John, currently doing Bachelor of science Nursing in Chuka University Kenya. I show a well understanding of mathematics, biology and chemistry in addition to that, good teaching and communication skills. It's my nature to help people that's why I chose to be a nurse. Apart from aiding in health recovery I also believe in sharing my...

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Qualification :MSc chemistry
Bio, chemistry & Maths teacher
I can help you with assignments and work online and offline.
You can easily contact and fully trust me with your work.
I can teach almost all branches of chemistry with inorganic chemistry specialisation. My students are always getting excellent grades in my subjects. Maths is also...

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  • 2.0 yr.
Fatima Mazar image

Knowledgeable and qualified
Psychologist with success in teaching and
conducting psychological evaluations,
developing custom treatment plans,
and providing psychotherapy. Offers
an excellent knowledge of psychology,
highly professional attitude, well-
developed communication/public
speaking skills, and great time

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  • 5.0 yr.
Abid Ali image

Teaching is my passion.I shall try my best to teach very well as I can.I have taught many students and I have obtained good feedback from students and institutions.I use simple and easy languages so that students can understand easily. I give the relevant examples from daily routine life.This makes me a great teacher.I also give the students...

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  • 5.0 yr.
Ambali Bamgbade image

I am a professional teacher who likes to assist students in eliminating the phobia they have for chemistry, biology and biochemistry especially for those preparing for national exams like waec, neco, nabteb or utme or Cambridge IGSCE. I usually teaches the basis of the practicals and theoretical background of these subjects to my students by...

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  • 10.0 yr.
Mehwish Khan image

Your professional tutor here to help you in biology realted all tasks.

I have helped many students over the years to excel in their courses, projects and assignments. I am always available for you if you need any help.I always prefer student-centered teaching methodologies.

I don't dream about success, I work for it.

I can completely...

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Muhammad Sajjad Samtia image

Hi dear students. I am Teaching chemistry. My qualification is Mphil in chemistry. My passion is teaching and I'm doing it well Alhamdolilah 😌. My way of teaching is just as students can pick my lecture. In my six years experience I learn the students abilities how they can understand and pick my lecture and clear theit concepts. I am very...

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Iraj Khalid image

Hi, my name is Iraj Khalid, i'm a medical student in Islamabad. I did my O and A levels from Beaconhouse with straight A*'s in all the subjects. I have been told on multiple occasions that i'm very good at explaining something to someone else which is how i got into teaching. I'll do my best to make every subject and complicated topic as easy for...

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A young teacher who inspires to atleast have an input in the lives of the young generation.
Teaching is not just a profession or work but rather it's a call from the Almighty Allah sw to change the life and add value to it.
Mathematics and chemistry are subjects that are always easy to pass and the same time fail. They mostly depend on the...

  • Kenya
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Kainat image

A Teacher is responsible for preparing lesson plans and educating students at all levels. Their duties include assigning homework, grading tests, and documenting progress. Teachers must be able to instruct in a variety of subjects and reach students with engaging lesson plans.We are on the hunt for a self-motivated and experienced Teacher to join...

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  • 1.0 yr.
Amna Safdar image

Most of the time I use Lecture cum discussion method. But my teaching methodology vary according to need. Students discuss their problems with me, without any hesitation. Most of the time we think that English is the only language which we use to teach O and A level students. But it's not so. Sometimes I adopt Urdu language in order to make them...

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  • Hasan M.Sc Biotechnology

Teaches biology and chemistry with very confidence and smoothly, which can everyone understand the concepts.
My Email:
WhatsApp no ********
Everyone can freely contact with free demo class.
I will help you to give the paper's of matric and intermediate level. I will proud with my performance to student, if they...

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Md Mahamudul Hasan Sohel image

Assalamu alaikum,
I am a Student of Dhaka University of Engineering & Technology, Gazipur (Chemical Engineering). At present, I am in Final year.I also Experienced in Mechanical Engineering Subject for complete my diploma in Mechanical.

#Experience: My experience with class 5 to 12. My teaching style is very different from other as i...

  • Bangladesh
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  • 3.5 yr.
  • 3.0 yr.
Asif Ali image

I am a seasoned and experienced teacher with over 7 years of teaching. I am very proficient in several courses in Computer Science that includes Programming ( C, C++), Cybersecurity frameworks, Risk Assessment to name a few. I also help with laboratory assignments, literature reviews, editing services and paper critique. I am also expert in...

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Dr.Kalpana image

Teaching style is from basic to concept making class interactive by explaining examples of day today life
Lecture plan as per module based on that questions answers session
Assignments and homework which will be check time to time .
Focused on basic of the chapter and objectives of learning
Asking questions to students whether he or she...

  • India
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  • 4.0 yr.
  • 16.0 yr.
Tayyab Sakhawat image

Basic Info:- Tayyab Sakhawat
I hve 3 years Teaching Experience
My teaching style is fully lenient.
I hve completed My Master Dgree from punjab uni
And medically Dpt from Hajvery uni.
I can teach All subject from KG to 8 class
I also can teach Biology Chemistry Pakstudies English islamiyat Pol science Jounerlism from class 8 to O & A...

  • Pakistan
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  • 3.0 yr.
  • Saira Microbiologist / Senior Teacher

Main Subjects
Biology Chemistry Physics
From Class 1 to A level
I have different teaching way if the students have a good concepts then i go to the mock series with one time revision.
If student don't have any concepts i will give them extra time to clear their concepts and then move forward to the series .

  • Pakistan
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  • 6.0 yr.
  • Talha Asif Chemistry, biology of O-level, A-level, Fsc, matri

I teach to O-level, A-level, Matric, FSC students.
I had done O-level and A-level,
Wide experience of teaching O-level, A-level matric and fsc students.
My qualification Doctor of pharmacy + M.phill
Experience of 4 year in all above mentioned cattogery.
I teach with proper sechdule and proper testiong system.
Best grip on O-level and A-level...

  • Pakistan
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  • 1.5 yr.
  • 4.0 yr.