Control system design tutor jobs

I need help on these subjects :

Materials Science
Spare Parts and Storage Management
Heat Transfer
Numerical Methods for Engineers
Control Systems 1
Mechanical engineering

Please open the file and contact me
Please open the file and contact me

I will pay after i get the grades.

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I am currently preparing for my Control Systems Exam, and am working on some practice problems.
If you are flexible and could help me answer my questions and work with me on practice questions, please let me know!

Best Regards!

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  • 25980 Sylt, Germany
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Hello, I need an assist for my assignment in Control systems. It’s course is masters level.

  • Apr 8
  • Gottigere, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Quiz on 12/04/21 at 10:00AM Indian timing

Will pay 1000RS. Duration 1 hour 15 minutes. 2 questions.if interested please text
Slides attached below

CLO5: Determine a mathematical model for thermal systems.(C4, PLO2)
CLO4: Determine a mathematical model for fluid systems.(C4,...

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I have assignment of outside in india in MATLAB SIMULINK CONTROL STSTEM
i can give good money contact me fast

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hi, im looking for help in power system reports assignment

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I want expetr tutors for control system in final exam

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I want a very expert tutor in Modern Control Systems to solve exams.


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I need help in a quiz test of control system .

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I am looking for someone with good knowledge to do my exam in 26/4/2021
Contact me in whatsapp if you interested

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Find an expert in a subject power system analysis

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  • Barka, Oman
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I am looking for someone who knows about control systems and how to use matlab to solve control systems. (assignment help). 30dollars (Please contact me)

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  • Ajman Industrial 1 - Ajman - United Arab Emirates
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Control systems or Automatic Control included MATLAB fast and professional tutor needed

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I need help control system exam

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Microwave/RF Topics:
-Traveling waves, transmission line (TL) theory,
terminated TL, Smith Chart, two-port network parameters, Scattering (S) parameters
-Impedance Transformation and Tuning: Lumped-element matching, single-stub tuning, quarter-wave
transformers, small reflections, broadband impedance matching
-Microwave Filters: Power loss...

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  • Alloy Dr, Thunder Bay, ON P7B, Canada


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I am looking for someone to help in control system and analyze

Please check assignments below

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I need help in control system for mechanical engineering please text me on whatsapp

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  • Mar 29
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I need help in control system

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I am looking for a professional with knowledge on *ADVANCED* control systems and MATLAB & Simulink. Steady state space control etc for an assignment that will not take longer than 4 hours. Please do not contact if you are not a professional because this is high level work (final year).

Please contact on whatsapp for faster response...

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