DBMS (Database Management Systems) tutor jobs

I am looking for assignment help in Advance topics in Database Management for my MS which I have taken online. I have minimal knowledge of Databases and need help in solving assignments.

  • 5 hours ago
  • Marappanapalya, Karnataka 561101, India
  • $27/hour

Hi. I'm currently doing a computer science degree and I'm struggling with my databases module. Are you able to help with stuff like star schemas, python ODS and python classes? I can send photos of exercise examples if needed. Thanks

  • 11 hours ago
  • Port St Mary, Isle of Man IM9 5AQ, Isle of Man

I’m a new Database Systems student looking to better understand a semester project I was given. Class started yesterday, and the project is due months from now. Just want to better understand what is required and the time it would take to complete it.

  • Jan 20
  • Williamsburg, VA, USA
  • $15/hour

I am looking for er diagram, conceptual model, cleaning data, DBMS, WhatsApp me at *********

  • Jan 18
  • Jan 18
  • Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Introduction to databases

Course topics and their weight in credits (CFU):
- Characteristics of a database management system (0.2)
- Characteristics of the relational model (0.2)
- Relational algebra (0.4): main operators and query definition
- SQL language: statements for data definition and processing (1)
- Conceptual data model...

  • Jan 16
  • Baku, Azerbaijan
  • $71 (Fixed)

Need a PROCEDURE in Sql to find the next working day taking Saturday and Sunday as weekend holiday and also skip the day mentioned in the Holiday List

  • Jan 15
  • Morena, Madhya Pradesh 476001, India
  • $1 (Fixed)

IT Course Coordinator- Work from home

Preferably with skills sets or knowledge as below

HTML5 & CSS3, JavaScript, NPM, Node.js, Express.js, React.js, MongoDB, ASP.NET SQL, DBMS, AI & ML, Python, Data Analytics, Software Testing, Java

Must be a graduate with experience in the IT industry (Keralites preferred)
Highly effective...

  • Jan 8
  • Kaloor, Kochi, Kerala, India

I am looking for someone to help me with an assignment that will cover the topics of Relational Model and Relational Algebra, DB Design and ERM: Model + Mapping, Basic SQL queries, Legal & Ethical and DB-Admin, and just basic information about Database Management Systems. This assignment will take place on the 14th of January. My budget is 500-700...

  • Jan 6
  • Grant Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I have a project in (DBMS) which is about inventory management system, Project report must contain the following sections

1- Title page
2 - table of contents
3- abstract
4- introduction
5- project digram
6- project details
7- project applications
8- conclusion

Report must not be less than 7 pages

  • Jan 4
  • Jan 4
  • WAPDA Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • $17/day

I am a student of class 11 informatics practices . Intrested to take tutorial for the course.

  • Jan 4
  • Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India
  • $13/month

I was looking for a professional in Dbms and SQL that will be able to build an online store for me by tonight.

  • Jan 5
  • Lefkoşa-Gazimağusa Anayolu, Gazimağusa

Need a tutor for the subject "Relational Database Management System" for MCA Students

Experience required by the faculty: Min 5 years

  • Jan 17
  • Bangalore East Railway Station, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560005

The assignment is about developing a crypto-currency system. You will develop an application using a blockchain database system. In the normal databases in which we use daily in our lives, there’s only 1 server computer who is responsible for storing the database contents, checking integrity of the coloumns and values.

  • Jan 4
  • Nicosia, Cyprus

I am looking for someone expert in database management systems subject to help with my test.
UML, Modeling, Entity-Relationship (ER) Model, SQL, The Relational Algebra
and Relational Calculus, Normalization for Relational Databases, File Structures, Hashing, Indexing, and Cloud Databases, Query Processing and Optimization, Transaction...

  • Jan 4
  • Indian Wells, CA, USA
  • $25/hour


My son is doing btech in computer science, delhi. Looking forward for a teacher who can teach him in (i) Fundamentals of Database Management System
(ii) Algorithm design. Pl contact


  • Jan 3
  • South Delhi, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Want to learn about
1)Java and latest in the world of software technologies. I dont need to learn coding but want to learn which technology to use for what kind of application- including fornt ends, IDE and backend. Also if some of can me teach me data structures, sql and latest on Oracle Dbs
2) servers, networking, databases, backus,...

  • Jan 17
  • Jan 17
  • Santacruz East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I want help in my dbms exam sir

  • Dec 28
  • Dec 28
  • Uppal, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • $8/hour

I need an expert in APEX.ORCAL to help me with my assignment! if you are interested contact me through WHATSAAP: *********

  • Dec 26
  • Zallaq, Bahrain
  • $26/hour

Need Help in DBMS exam

  • Dec 25
  • Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

Looking for people to extract data from Google analytics api and store it in a database.
On urgent basis.
Strict deadline- Monday morning

  • Jan 16
  • Lal Bagh Main Rd, Raja Ram Mohanroy Extension, Sudhama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • $7 (Fixed)