English tutors in Iran

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i am online native tutor from usa..teaching speaking of 4 diffrent languages such as english and hindi and urdu and persian.having around 18 years of experince..teaching online with diffrent cities of iran and diffrent countries like india and pakistsn and sri lanka..i was borned in india and did my master of commerce from mumbai university .i was...

  • Baharestan
  • 700000-900000/hour
  • 4.0 yr.
  • 18.0 yr.

i am a motivate teacher
i am so kind
and i am sure i can teach as well as a native speaker to students

i would like to travel if my students agree to company me
my students are my children too bcs i like to teach them English and life ways too
plz choose me
ou can test my methods by participating in my courses for free. The amount of cost...

  • Razavi Khorasan Province
  • 14000-30000/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 7.0 yr.