English (ESL) tutors

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I always prioritize my students and their preferences. My classes are teacher friendly, so students love the atmosphere. I try to personalize the materials according to the needs of my learners, taking their interests into account. For 4 years of teaching experience, I have been hearing tons of positive feedback from my previous learners whom I...

  • Spain
  • $1621/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 4.0 yr.


All students will receive:

πŸ†“ FREE placement test - check your level of English and weak areas
πŸ†“ Detailed feedback after every class
πŸ†“ Optional homework + homework correction

πŸ“š Courses:
πŸ—£ Conversational English (10-20 lessons)
• CREATIVITY in conversation
• Idioms, slang, expressions, colloquialism, phrasal...

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • $1122/hour
  • 3.0 yr.
  • 3.0 yr.
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Hi there! I am a professional English teacher, intelligent, patient and naturally able to impart knowledge. I have a Masters degree in English Language. My teaching style is student based. I know how to switch styles to fit your personality and to achieve your goal which I am sure is to become really good in English Language and to ace your exams....

  • Nigeria
  • $513/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 12.0 yr.
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Hi, my name is Hazy.

I have been working in the HR and Recruitment field since 2017 with vast experience recruiting for technical and non-technical roles across all different levels (fresh graduates up to C-Suite level).

I've done recruiting and interacting with remote hiring managers based in my employer's global offices such as but not...

  • Philippines
  • $0.140.27/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 1.0 yr.
  • Siya Williams IELTS, CAE,TOEFL, General conversation, Interviews
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I have taught well over 9000 lessons to students from all around the world.

Growing up in South Africa where we have 11 official languages and second language speakers are prevalent, I have insight on how to deal with both cultural and language barriers.

I'm extremely passionate about sharing my knowledge of English with both young and...

  • South Africa
  • $1115/hour
  • 10.0 yr.
  • 10.0 yr.

I've good communication in english for anyone who like to learn.
*teaching phonemes for reading
*grammer and writing
If anyone want to start in primary grade learning for their children it can be done with a attractive way with children with me.
*i have done many students who couldn't read a word properly as a expert in less...

  • Sri Lanka
  • $511/week
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 3.0 yr.
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Hi! If you're finding a good and flexible teacher or tutor for your children or for yourself. I am here, giving you what I've learned even though I'm just a student. I am hundred percent sure that you'll learn from me, and also i'll learn pretty much from you too. I do give tasks and activities for you, also to enjoy the discussions. I gave pretty...

  • Philippines
  • $45/hour
  • 0.0 yr.
  • 1.0 yr.
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I have seen first-hand how powerfully adaptive instruction, classroom management, and careful program implementation can be in enhancing student learning and have given particular care to nurturing these skills.
I believe my primary strength as an instructor is my ability to connect with students, finding ways to bridge their interests with the...

  • Turkey
  • $1425/hour
  • 3.0 yr.
  • 3.0 yr.
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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D

With more than 7 years of experience teaching English as a foreign language, I have had the opportunity to help students of all ages, with different levels of proficiency (A1 Beginner -C2 Advanced). Preparing them for exams, helping with homework, business, or conversational English.

I create fun, easy, and...

  • Belgium
  • $2132/hour
  • 7.0 yr.
  • 7.0 yr.

βœ…οΈ 20 years in teaching, tutoring, designing lesson plans, supervising other teachers' academic performance. I studied and worked in Canada, USA, Austria. Attended numerous workshops to improve my qualifications.
βœ…οΈ We will find the approach that suits you! Be ready for communicative tasks and lots of exciting materials designed for you! My...

  • Poland
  • $1623/hour
  • 7.0 yr.
  • 20.0 yr.
  • Rola English Tutor
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Qualified English teacher with two years’ experience and passion for teaching students written and spoken words.
Possess excellent communication and presentation skills and strong knowledge of teaching methods to ensure students are learning the instructional materials.
Energetic and approachable person
with positive attitude, maturity, and...

  • Deir al Balah
  • $515/hour
  • 2.0 yr.
  • 2.0 yr.
Thae Ngon Phuu image

I have been teaching English since 2014, using a communicative approach method to help students with the four language skills of English, listening,speaking, reading, and writing.
I also help students prepare for language tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and even help them with Duolingo via Zoom meetings.
I have a Bachelor's Degree in English,...

  • Thailand
  • $712/hour
  • 2.0 yr.
  • 8.0 yr.
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My name is Fatima
I am very passionate with what I do and believe that learning should be meaningful and fun.
Other than teaching, I am a mom of 4. I enjoy camping with my family, swimming and I love cooking.
My teaching style is a student-centred approach. I make sure that every student gets the most out of each lesson and make it fun and...

  • South Africa
  • $39/hour
  • 0.1 yr.
  • 0.0 yr.
  • Faiqa Faraz My strengths are I'm a dedicated and thoughtful pe

I'm a passionate professional who tries to make learning fun and interesting for the students. My teaching goal is to implement new strategies and methodologies to enhance student's ' interest in the classroom and they never get bored. I'm a creative and dedicated person who is always up to help students by giving them practical and doable ideas...

  • Pakistan
  • $422/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 1.0 yr.

I am a freelance writer/editor/translator/IELTS tutor. Prior to that, I worked as an Associate Editor responsible for curating the contents of HCK Media news portal. That was after I left my job as Lecturer of English Language in a private college in Kuala Lumpur and later wrote for the real estate and decor pullout of the New Straits...

  • Malaysia
  • $1133/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 20.0 yr.
  • Kristina Embroidery Instructor, Russian Language teacher
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Teaching is my thing! I am very patient, flexible and open-minded. I encourage my students to ask questions, take risks and overcome the fear of making mistakes as this is part of the learning process. All levels are welcome (we will start from scratch if need be). As a teacher I value my students and appreciate their trust.
I love to motivate my...

  • Russia
  • $20/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 4.0 yr.
  • Nadeera Japanese and English teacher

Teaching all the methods as simply as possible with using videos, audios, PDF and flash cards for you to understand everything properly and without being boring. Also we are able to do many more related activities to gain your knowledge.
Also I’m very friendly and helpful person with good language skills
And I’m always looking forward to make a...

  • Sri Lanka
  • $24/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 0.0 yr.
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Language teaching is my forte! I love teaching English and making it accessible to kids and adults in all spheres of life. I have native speaker proficiency as I have learned English as a first language. I am most passionate about helping people to improve writing skills. Further, I feel language lessons help students develop their personality...

  • Saudi Arabia
  • $3353/hour
  • 2.0 yr.
  • 15.0 yr.
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I am an English literature teacher with sixteen years of experience working for formal and informal schools in Indonesia, offline and online.

Since 2006, I have been teaching general and academic English for elementary to advanced levels in more than fifteen institutions. My teaching specialization is literary analyses (prose, poetry, play) and...

  • Indonesia
  • $13/hour
  • 5.0 yr.
  • 16.0 yr.
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Applying different pedagogy could make me the best teacher. The teacher should be versatile at all times. Patience and understanding to students are a big help to them to grow and learn more.
I have a passion for education. I teach students with dedication. I promote high-quality, effective, and efficient lessons for your children. Don't give up...

  • Philippines
  • $79/hour
  • 2.0 yr.
  • 5.0 yr.