Financial valuation tutor jobs

I am looking for someone to teach me advanced financial modeling and valuation.

  • Jul 1
  • Mayur Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi, Delhi 110091, India
  • $66/month

I need a US tutor for "Mathematics of investment and credit". I have test in next 7 hours. Refer attachment for reference.

  • Jul 5
  • Newport Beach, CA, USA
  • $40 (Fixed)

I'm looking for someone to help with a Finance Investment Analysis class.
Approaches to Valuation
Understanding Financial Statements
Riskless Rates and Risk Premiums
Estimating Risk Parameters and Cost of Financing
Estimating Growth
Closure in Valuation: Estimating Terminal Value
Dividend Discount Models
FCF to Equity Models

  • Jun 22
  • Downtown, Montreal, QC, Canada