Hash (Programming) tutor jobs

I need someone who is very experienced with data structures and algorithms. Please refer to this link for all of the topics covered.


Mainly I need help with applying hash tables, elementary sorts, binary search, union find, stacks and queues,...

  • Dec 3
  • 120-15 103rd Ave, Queens, NY 11419, USA
  • $50 (Fixed)

Hi, I got stuck with my original C programming homework this week. It is about implementing the set using a hash table for memory allocation. The structures were required to be built by given ADT functions source files... so I wonder if you would like to tutor me for it? I really feel helpless...

  • Dec 3
  • Eugene, OR, USA

I need someone who has experience in Computer Security, to solve some questions as follow:
1- Download the file “plaintext.txt” found on the course home page. Add a secret message at
the end of the file, at least one page long, and the names of the student that created the file. Encrypt the updated file using your program (you may...

  • Nov 26
  • Cologne, Germany
  • $34 (Fixed)

Hello there, I am new to cryptography and have been working on some questions I found online. There were no answers there so I couldn't figure out how to solve the questions. I am looking for some help with these questions. These questions range from vigenere cipher to hash functions. Can you help with these?
This is one of the questions:


  • Nov 8
  • Manor Park, London E12 6BE, UK
  • $20/hour

I am needing help with a C++ project. I have most of the idea of how to do it, but I am still running into some trouble. My project deals with hash tables and storing data in them and then returning it when searched for. I thought you might be able to help me through this and tutor me more on this subject. I am not in need of long term help on...

  • Nov 6
  • Rice Mine Rd N, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA
  • $30/day