Heat transfer tutor jobs

I need help with thermodynamics/ heat transfer assignment 2 hours long very hard long questions
Assignment due at 5th of December

  • 10 hours ago
  • Cleveland, OH, USA

I need a heat transfer teacher who understands the 2 dimensions and 3 dimensions problem. I will test your ability first, then we can discuss other things. I need you to understand everything in the course before I gave you any material

  • 21 hours ago
  • Verdun, Montreal, QC, Canada
  • $23 (Fixed)

Some helping in heat transfer

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  • Riyadh Rd, Al Qatif Saudi Arabia
  • $80/day

I want an assistant in a subject heat transfer

  • Yesterday
  • Tabarbour, Amman, Jordan

Hi, I need someone to help me with my Mid-term exams, I study mechanical engineering. The subjects I need help with are "Mechanical Vibrations" and "Heat Transfer"

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  • Tabarbour, Amman, Jordan
  • $28/hour

I need help in heat transfer exam, first 4 ch.

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  • Antalya, Turkey
  • $10/hour

I'm looking for someone making 2 reports each one from 5 sheets,
The first one talk about convection and the second is talk about radiation
Both of topics will be under (heat and mass transfer course )

Do it by word fomat

Contact with me in whatsapp

  • Yesterday
  • Dumah Al Jandal Saudi Arabia
  • $53 (Fixed)

Hello, I need some help with finite element analysis/methods questions. And perhaps some use of ANSYS.

  • Yesterday
  • Banff, AB, Canada

plant layout
4 th question of the file given

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  • Etobicoke, Toronto, ON, Canada
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Iam looking for someone can help me in Air conditioning ' hvac'

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  • Aqaba, Jordan

I need teacher teach HVAC material, i want direct teacher not brokers

  • Nov 25
  • Al Maqam - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Carbon tetrachloride is to be cooled from 90 to 40°C in a double-pipe heat exchanger having a total area of 30 m2. For cooling, 13,000 kg/h of water at 20°C is used. The exchanger consists of stainless steel with inner tube of Di = 1.5 cm and Do = 1.9 cm and an outer shell of inner diameter of 3.2 cm. The carbon tetrachloride flow rate is 19,000...

  • Nov 23
  • Newark, NJ, USA
  • $10/hour

I have a heat transfer exam today and I want help .

  • Nov 23
  • Al Bahah Saudi Arabia
  • $26/day


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  • Kottayam, Kerala, India
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I'm milind I have to teach thermodynamic subject very well

  • Nov 21
  • Hanuman Nagar, Bhusawal, Maharashtra, India
  • $3/day

I am looking for someone to help with my exam. The subject: mass transfere.two problems, chapter27-28
Date:21-November(tomorrow) if you have an experience regarding this subject contact me.

  • Nov 20
  • Jeddah Corniche، الشاطئ، جدة 23511, Saudi Arabia
  • $37 (Fixed)

Need an expert in heat transfer and building system : Covering the following Subjects:
From textbook ( Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Fifth Edition by Joseph B. Wujek and Frank R. Dagostino )

o Chapter 7 – HVAC Distribution Components and Systems
o Chapter 8 – HVAC Air Distribution Systems

  • Nov 19
  • Seattle, WA, USA
  • $50 (Fixed)

Help with Heat transfer test.

  • Nov 19
  • Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hallo please i need someone how is perfect with heat transfer and he can get for me as A+ grade so please if you have send me a msg on WhatsApp number ******** 0

  • Nov 18
  • Taksim Square, Gümüşsuyu Mahallesi, 34437 Beyoğlu/Istanbul, Turkey
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Looking for heat transfer tutor to hell me in my project.

  • Nov 18
  • Sharjah - United Arab Emirates