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Hello, I'm Georges, a computer science student at the Lebanese University, in my senior year.
I've always liked teaching because I myself know the struggle. I try my best to understand how every brain works in order to find the best way to teach and give information. My style is adapted to every person's needs. Also I'm really passionate about...

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I think you should give a try because
I study maths and computing on daily basis as it is the work I do in the Lab.
I know the content really well.
Students have performed really well.especially who are preparing for SAT.
I can give you the practical approach for all sums.
I prefer home tution one to one but then i am also comfortable in...

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  • Mohamed Salem Physics, nuclear power,Strategic Business, Supply
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My goal in all of the courses I teach is that each student develops a picture of the
world at the atomic level and couples that picture to the mathematical language by which
we study, explain, and predict chemical behavior. To accomplish this, the imagery and words
I use to explain chemical phenomena must be clearly presented.
This does...

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