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I have been working as an Equity Research Analyst and have a total experience of
3 Years in the Indian stock market. This has gained me a lot of practical experience which I share with students. Whether it be trading in live markets ( Equities and Derivatives), Writing research reports or Valuing a company. CFA requires practical knowledge which...

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I am looking for students who needs help in clearing CFA exam all levels. My teaching is based on making students understand the concept using simple examples. I like to simplify the concepts as much as possible. My teaching focus is goal centric getting students really understand concepts and how it can be tested in exam ( rough idea) in order to...

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I am a Qualified Chartered Wealth Manager and Holding CA-IPCC and B.com degrees. I teach both theoretically as well as practical approach . I have 6 years both teaching and industry experiences. I teach accounting, taxation and Capital Market subjects both one on one and online in hyderabad. My method of teaching is easy and understandable in...

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Currently, I am teaching CFA students (one to one session) and all Finance subjects. I also works on Finance assignments.

I Qualified CFA Level 3 exam in 2018 with above 90th percentile. CFA charter has enabled me to understand Financial stuff from root level (instead of Cramming and reproducing all stuff).

Learning and Educating people...

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With over 3 years of hands-on experience in Mergers & Acquisitions and financial modelling, I have worked on a range of complex valuation projects with some of the most reputed firms such as UnitedHealth Group and Duff & Phelps.
I have gained a immense exposure of real word experiences and knowledge while working with these organisations along...

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I am a Trader- Analyst with a Masters degree in Economics and more than 20 years in the Financial Services Industry. During my tenure, I was employed with some of the leading organizations in India and the UAE, such as Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), B&K Securities, Way2Wealth, Ambit Capital, Power House Group (Abu Dhabi) and Daman Investments...

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Investing is more about what you shouldn't do. There are many ways to learn what you should do, which can be done by the help of Internet. What you shouldn't do has human touch, given the experience.
We underweigh the experience of others and overweigh our own experiences. However, vicarious learning would help the most when it comes to avoiding...

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Dear Student, Welcome and Happy to help you.

I am a qualified and experienced tutor; so far I have worked with more than 1000's students in my 11 years of online tutoring carrier and class teaching. Please feel free contact me today to book your demo session today itself.
Online Tuitions, Projects, Assignment and Quiz exam help for...

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