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Walaikumasalaam Sister,
My sister-in-law is Lithuanian and is interested in islam and she would like someone to teach her the basics, literally from scratch like a baby. The Quran, it’s meanings and explanations with islamic stories. The whole foundation of the islam as a slow step to step guide. Is this possible for you to do?

  • Mar 11
  • Luton, UK
  • $18/hour

I am Looking for a decent, educated islamic teacher for myself as i want to learn translation of quran in urdu.

  • Feb 21
  • Model Town, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • $71/month

Quran n islamic studies. I am looking for a home tutor or I can travel to the tutor's place if it is within 2 km. Preferable timings for classes will be in the evening.
If the classes are conducted on weekdays, I need a home tutor. However, if I need to travel to the tutor's place, I can travel only on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays)

  • Mar 15
  • Mar 15
  • Chetpet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600031, India


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