Islamic studies home tutor jobs in United Kingdom

Assalam alykum I have just seen your profile online I’m looking for a Quraan and Islamic studies teacher for my two boys. They know basic Arabic alphabet but I would like them to learn how to read inshaAllah. Age 6 & 7

  • Oct 1
  • Brentford, UK
  • £20/week

Salaam, I’m currently looking for a Quran/Islamic teacher for my younger brother, 7 years old - to be taught at home on the weekends. Based in central london.

FEMALE ONLY teachers please.

  • Sep 27
  • Camden Town, London, UK

Im looking for someone to teach my son qaida, surahs duas etc
His 6 years old
We are looking for someone to come to our house for face to face lessons

  • Sep 22
  • Birmingham, UK
  • £10/hour

I am looking for someone to teach my daughter at home arabic quran

  • Sep 22
  • East Ham, London E6 3HN, UK
  • £10/hour

I am looking someone who can teach Quran with tajwid

  • Sep 16
  • Slough, UK

I want someone to come and teach my kids at home please.

  • Sep 8
  • Salford, UK
  • £20 (Fixed)

I am looking for some female tutor who can teach Quran,tak weed and Islamic studies to my 5 year old daughter at home. Preferably 3 days a week for 1.5 -2 hrs.budget of £40 per month

  • Sep 7
  • Gloucester, UK
  • £40/month

Salaam, I am looking for a tutor to teach my 7 year old son Arabic starting from the beginning.

  • Sep 7
  • Croydon, UK
  • £8/hour

I would like you to teach my 11 years old son Arabic and islamic studies

  • Sep 5
  • Twickenham, UK
  • £10/hour

I am looking for a female teacher to teach my 5 year old about Islam I.e. salah, Quran, etc. should be available one hour in the evening on a weekday and be able to travel to me.

  • Sep 8
  • Hornchurch, UK
  • £10/hour

Assalamualaikum i would like you to come to my home on saturdays to teach a 3 little children. I would like them to be taught but also to be told stories to make them love islam

Only saturday for 1-2 hours is required. Either morning or afternoon.

I would only like females only.

I am not looking for someone with lots of years in teaching,...

  • Sep 7
  • Bradford, UK
  • £50/month


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