IT home tutor jobs

I want my child to learn software engineering. Her age it 12 she study in 6. She is free at 2 to 4. My budget is 1000 and 1500 not more than this

  • May 8
  • 58 Street 14, Sector L DHA Phase 6, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
  • $13/month
    • 111 km

If you can do come

  • May 7
  • Adam, Oman

I need teacher for (professional responsibility in it now please

  • May 5
  • Zakher - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

I am looking for help with one my question related to Machine learning and vision system. It is a MATLAB coding which I have completed half and need assistance to complete the other half. Please let me know if anybody could help and we can deicide a price as we discuss the question. Please contact me at whatsapp.
Thank you

  • May 5
  • Jalandhar Cantt, Jalandhar, Punjab, India
  • $14/hour

Hi there. I need help on a test at 10 am central time for Bio 1020. I usually have a tutor but she’s unable to make it. If anybody is willing to help, it is online and I am willing to pay extra.

  • May 5
  • University of Missouri R1 Dam, Columbia, MO 65201, USA
  • $100/hour

i need somone who can solve this in java
Problem Description:

You are asked to design a software to structure pictures drawings based on the composite pattern and the following software requirements:
• Each picture can contain any number of other pictures, circles, and rectangles.
• Each picture, circle, or rectangle needs to have method to...

  • May 1
  • Zarqa, Jordan

Hi I have an assignment due Saturday. I need someone well versed in IT it's about apps and it's theory mostly.

My budget is 35 dollars only msg me if you can help no negotiations

  • Apr 30
  • Al Maqam - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
  • $41 (Fixed)

I am looking for someone who have good experience in reactjs as well as redux to teach me with the help of assignments. I prefer live sessions whether it be online. I live in sec 45 gurgaon in India.

  • Apr 30
  • Gurugram, Haryana, India
  • $4/hour

I am a IT solution architect with 25 years of experience want to learn coding in C. Will then progress to embedded programming for Arduino raspberry pie etc as a hobby.
Enthusiastic tutor who can help me start this journey from beginner level and participate in my project development activity full time / part time please contact immediately.

  • Apr 24
  • Gurugram, Haryana, India
  • $270/month

I have a assignment in computer architecture, it is 10 in the evening Saudi time
Can you help me .. my number is ********

  • Apr 22
  • Al Awali, Mecca Saudi Arabia
  • $40/annually

I am currently in class 11. I have been very interested in math and want to pursue it higher. This year I even want to prepare for prestigious compititions like rmo,prmo,ioqg etc . So I need a guidance to help me out with my goal . I will be highly obliged if your agree to teach it . Looking forward to a positive response

  • Apr 18
  • 1, Government Colony Rd, Malda, West Bengal 732101, India

teacher education, spoken english and business mangement,it

  • Apr 15
  • Kandy, Sri Lanka
  • $3/hour

I am currently doing my Masters in IT and have a Python Assignment due. Please get in contact with me to discuss further information. Thank you!

  • Apr 11
  • Kelaniya 11300, Sri Lanka
  • $10/day

For eplan and DSD
But did you work it in this software?
Also I have question about HMI and PLC

Actually I have project and I need to design crane
And I have to use this software.

First check all files and if you can do this then contact me . thanks

  • Apr 10
  • Train Center, Al-Balad, Jeddah 22233, Saudi Arabia
  • $96 (Fixed)

Hello i have project in C I have to write codes then report for 2500 max or 1500 but the codes must be explained can you do it before 12 April

  • Apr 10
  • Apr 10
  • Constantine, Algeria
  • $30 (Fixed)