Operation Management home tutor jobs

we are looking for logistics tutor

  • Mar 28
  • Aluva, Kerala, India
  • $12/day

An interactive television service that costs ​$ 12 per month to provide can be sold on the information highway for ​$15 per client per month. If a service area includes a potential of 16,000 ​customers, what is the most a company could spend on monthly fixed costs to acquire and maintain the​ equipment?
Part 2
The most the company could spend...

  • Mar 10
  • Jamaica, Queens, NY, USA

Operations and supply chain management midterm exam preparation

  • Mar 5
  • Garhoud - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • $27/hour

global supply chain management, forecasting methods

  • Mar 14
  • BRTS Indore, Ratlam Kothi, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • $37 (Fixed)

I am looking for tutor to take classes for operations research subject for Exams. Please contact me.

  • Mar 9
  • Santosh Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Operations research.. I am a student.. can pay 700 per lecture.
I am looking for a home tutor or I can also travel to the tutor's place if it is within 5 km. Preferable timings for classes will be from 3 pm. to 5 p.m. My budget is Rs. 750 per lecture (2 hours each).

  • Mar 8
  • Mar 8
  • Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Need help in operations research

  • Mar 8
  • Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • $5/hour

I am pursuing IIIE. Looking for Operations Research & Statistics & Probability classes. Online will also work.

  • Feb 28
  • Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • $6/hour


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