Quran and Islamic studies home tutor jobs

I am looking for a Qur’an & Islamic Studies teacher, to be able to teach a class of students for two hours and be able to commute to teach at the location (institute)

  • 22 hours ago
  • Balham, London, UK
  • $15/hour

I need quran teacher for my 3 years old son

  • Dec 5
  • Ras Tanura Saudi Arabia
  • $27/month

We're looking for 1 male and 1 female teacher to teacher children ages 8-12, at an evening Islamic school from 5pm-7pm, Monday to Friday. Subjects include Qur'an, Tajweed, Islamic Studies (Du'a, Hadith, Fiqh, Stories of Prophets, etc.). Preferably someone who is close to the location and can commute easily (within Tower Hamlets).

  • Dec 4
  • Shadwell, London, UK
  • $15/hour

I would like to learn to read and write Arabic.

  • 9 hours ago
  • Doha, Qatar
  • $27/hour

I am seeking an Arabic Teacher for (Hifz) Quran Memorisation with Tajweed. For a 12-year-old boy. One free demo class is required. The teacher must communicate in English Only.
Before you consider contacting me, it is essential that you read the following details:
Teacher must be punctual in his/her class.
1. 100% Tajweed and...

  • 18 hours ago
  • Birmingham, UK

Need Arabic and Quran home teacher for 2 children.

  • 19 hours ago
  • Al Malaz, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Need Quran teacher to teach at my home for my son 7 years old

  • 22 hours ago
  • International City Phase(2) - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • $82/month

ابحث عن معلم أو معلمة يكون معه إجازة فى القرآن الكريم واللغة العربية وخبره فى الاونلاين وخبره فى التعامل مع الأطفال ويجيد اللغة الإنجليزية ومتوفر لديه لاب توب ومتاح للسهر للعمل فى الأكاديمية سعر الساعة حسب الخبرة
للتواصل *********

  • Dec 5
  • Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Salamwalaykum, i was wondering if we could possibly meet at valley ranch islamic center and have classes there if it works for you. I’m 18 years old and i know the basics and i used to know how to read, but i fell out of it and now inshallah i really want to learn and stay consistent. Please get back to me, thank you!

  • Dec 5
  • Irving, TX, USA
  • $200/month

السلام علیکم میں فاطمہ احسن قرآن مجید اور اسلامیات کی ٹیچر ھوں اسلامیات کا 8 سالہ تجربہ ھے اور اردو اور عربی کی استاد ہوں میں اب آنلائن پڑھانا چاھتی ھوں اگر آپ کو ٹیچر کی ضرورت ھو تو رابطہ کریں ۔جزاک اللہ

  • 54 mins ago
  • Shadman Town North Karachi Twp, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh, Pakistan
  • $35/week

I’m looking to learn Quran from basic scratch to being expertise in reading Quran

  • Dec 3
  • Kodungaiyur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600118, India

I am looking to memorise 1 juz every 2 months. I have basic understanding but need to work on my tajweed.

  • Dec 3
  • Wembley, UK
  • $63/month

Quran and tajweed teacher for 6 and 5 year old

  • Dec 3
  • Oldham, UK

I've recently finished a masters in Islamic History at İstanbul University and am making preparations to do a PhD also in Islamic studies. I speak Turkish fluently and can read Ottoman Turkish at an intermediate level. I have a base knowledge in Qur'anic Arabic but would like to spend the next year significantly deepening my grasp of the language,...

  • Dec 3
  • Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey


I am looking for a female home teacher to teach my daughter Quran tajweed and Nazira. Location is near Panaroma Mall.

PS: require teacher at home physically not online



  • Dec 3
  • Al Takhassousi, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  • $133/month

I am looking for a Quran teacher for my 4year old to start him Arabic alphabet and first para. Once a week in person.
Thank you 😊

  • Dec 2
  • Sunbury-on-Thames, UK
  • $15/hour

I need Quran tutor. Preferred timings are in the evening Looking for home tuitions only.

  • Dec 2
  • RP Road, Gandhi Nagar, Bhoiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500003, India

Need a teacher to teach Ilam to my kids. Iam muslim but my kids are Buddhists.

  • Dec 2
  • Athurugiriya, Sri Lanka
  • $.61/hour

Need a lady teacher who can teach my daughter (Std. 9).
Subjects: All
Tuition at student's home

Need a lady teacher who can teach my daughter (Age 14).
Teach: Quranic knowledge + Hadith + Islamic history (my daughter knows to read Quran - the teaching focus is required on opening the heart towards Islam)
Tuition at student's...

  • Dec 1
  • Banegar School Ln, Phase 7, Phase 3, Geeta Nagar, Mira Road East, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra 401107, India

I want a quran teacher for my daughter, teacher should be well experienced and can teach her at home

  • Dec 1
  • Jogeshwari West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400047, India
  • $.01/month