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Looking for extra lessons

  • 21 hours ago
  • Greendale, Harare, Zimbabwe

Anyone who can translate or interprete between Chinese and English or local language.
pls contact me *********

full time job interpreter or translator. pls recommend

  • Sep 22
  • Brook Ln, Harare, Zimbabwe

Hello my name is Alisa Adams and I am 25 years old. I have been out of Zimbabwe for quite some time and have recently moved back. Because of the future jobs I am interested in, I would like to learn how to speak and understand Shona fluently. I can speak and understand the basics but I would like to become more comfortable speaking and responding.

  • Sep 21
  • Greendale Ave, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • US$10/hour


  • Sep 20
  • Harare Dr, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • US$10/hour

Tutor for engineering science....hexco in motor mechanics

  • Sep 19
  • Harare Central, Harare, Zimbabwe

I am looking for someone with experience of teaching Ielts French as I have to take an exam. I have a not so good French high school background .

  • Sep 16
  • Westgate, Harare, Zimbabwe

Eilts tutor

  • Sep 14
  • Mabelreign, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • US$10/hour

Please call me on *********

  • Sep 14
  • Harare Central, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • US$3/day

Shona, Ndebele and French teacher

  • Sep 12
  • Harare Central, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • US$15/month

1. To learn Mandarin both spoken and written
2.As an HR practitioner, I would need to communicate with the Chinese nationals who are coming in as investors
3. To have an appreciation of the Chinese culture and food.
4. Budget USD7.00/ hour.
5. 2 hours per after hours as I am gainfully employed.

  • Sep 12
  • Harare Dr, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • US$100/month

Lessons for my son who will be sitting for his Cambridge exams this summer

  • Sep 11
  • Kuwadzana Extension Road, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • US$10/hour


  • Sep 2
  • Mabvuku Dr, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • US$50/month

Tutoring in as level geography
Mainly atmosphere and weather
And rocks and weathering

  • Aug 30
  • 1 Doon Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • US$15/hour

I am a naturally artistic young lady interested in reasonably priced art lessons mostly one on one. Would deeply prefer an experienced art teacher. Ultimately, i hold limited talent and would love to develop. If possible, am able to begin exciting art lessons immediately.
Thank you. Please contact me for any possibilities.

  • Aug 29
  • Chisipite, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • US$20/day

Learn how to speak English

  • Aug 28
  • 25 Princess Dr, Harare, Zimbabwe

l require to read and speak English fluently and to have an amazing accent. my problem is l have troubles to maintain a conversation and also the choice of words to use. l run out of vocabulary when speaking .

  • Aug 25
  • Kuwadzana, Harare, Zimbabwe


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