Home tutor jobs in Saudi Arabia


  • Feb 4
  • Al Jisr, Al Khobar Saudi Arabia

I am seeking kind assistance from any industrious hafiz Quran qari for my kids for hifz.

  • Feb 4
  • Al Bandariyah, Al Khobar Saudi Arabia

I have an exam and the subject is statistic in R application the exam is today

  • Feb 4
  • Ar Rawabi, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

I have been investing in many people throughtout my career life. Now i have a friend/sister whom i believe will be a future leader in a specific role. But she needs to improve her business English on both conversational and writing levels + expand her amount of vocabularies.
I am willing to pay her monthly fees (2, 3, 4 months) but will...

  • Feb 4
  • Hittin, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  • 2,200/month

I'm looking for someone with IELTS experience to pass the exam with 6.5 for college

  • Feb 4
  • Al Salamah, Aziziyah, Jeddah Saudi Arabia
  • 150/day

No description is needed

  • Feb 4
  • Shulah St, Al Dawhah Ash Shamaliyah, Dhahran 34249, Saudi Arabia
  • 1,000 (Fixed)

Learn Urdu

  • Feb 4
  • Al Maseef, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

I am an electrical engineering student at Imam Muhammad bin Saud University
The teacher of the subject of Communication Engineering 1,told me to do report on the topic (optical fibres ) and
set these conditions
-Report pages shall not be less than 10 pages
-The copy rate is no more than 30%
-Writing a report in the word program

  • Feb 3
  • Ishbiliyah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  • 200 (Fixed)

My child is 11 years old and has a hope to draw animated characters.

Can you help him

  • Feb 3
  • Al Jazirah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  • 75/hour

STT 203 tutoring

  • Feb 1
  • Al Wurud, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  • 100/hour

Need to learn English

  • Feb 1
  • Ar Rimal, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

I have question in one exam

  • Jan 31
  • Jeddah Islamic Seaport, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Hi My name is Shahad
I have coding of algorithm analysis
two algorithms for Travel Salesman Problem
1- brute force algorithm
2- nearest neighbor algorithm
Can you solve it with java code?

  • Jan 30
  • Jeddah Rd, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Hi. I'm looking for an ICT teacher for my sister.
If you are still giving classes please contact me on *********

  • Jan 30
  • Al Murabba, Riyadh Saudi Arabia


I require a native Arabic teacher for my 5 year old daughter.

  • Jan 29
  • Al Murabba, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Special needs teacher or a speach therapist who is willing to travel abroad

  • Jan 29
  • Aramco Apartment, 17th St, Al Khobar Al Janubiyah, Al Khobar 34621, Saudi Arabia
  • 2,500/month

Math teacher and homework help for 13 years old daughter grade 8.

  • Jan 28
  • Al Sadafah, Dammam Saudi Arabia
  • 1,000/month

I am looking for a certified teacher with skills and who can give the information in a way not to be forgotten in these subjects chemistry physics

  • Jan 28
  • Al Malaz, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Handwriting skill

  • Jan 28
  • As Sulimaniyah, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

I need a tutor for my 9th and 7th grade boys and 4th grade daughter in all their english subjects. 3 times a week preferably Sat morning, and Monday and Wednesday after their school. Teaching in my home, Each sessions for each day is 2 hours. I need to contact you if you could share your phone number. I live in Mather near king Faisal university...

  • Jan 28
  • Al Maazer, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  • 1,500/month