Home tutors in Trinidad and Tobago

My name is Raquel and I'm from the beautiful cosmopolitan country of Trinidad and Tobago, which is located in the West Indies. I love teaching and interacting with people, and as a result I've cultivated such qualities, as patience and tolerance which are vital when communicating with people. Their personal
improvement and enhancement...

  • Port of Spain
  • TT$100200/hour
  • 0.0 yr.
  • 3.0 yr.
  • 100 km
  • Josan English, student teacher, creative teaching styles

Depend teacher, on time helps with home work, class projects and any field you or your child might need help in. Exceptional results, my students are my number 1 priority. I teach to fit my students and they abilities and ensure that they are not left behind. I do face to face or online tutoring. My students can contact me at anytime through...

  • Arima Borough Corporation
  • TT$3035/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 1 km

I have been lecturing for over 20 years. I am professionally trained in online tutoring and have conducting courses online since 2009.
Courses conducted are financial and management accounting at all levels of the post graduate and Association of Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA) courses.
I have also held various positions full time in the...

  • Couva-Tabaquite-Talparo Regional Corporation
  • TT$5075/hour
  • 12.0 yr.
  • 15.0 yr.
  • 50 km
Daniela Nkemakolam image

The aim is to help you carry the weight on your academic journey. We account for different learning styles by using visuals, audio and as much as possible, hands on lessons. Our students appreciate our compassion and understanding of their needs.

Our online sessions use real-life and virtual whiteboards. YouTube videos and online activities are...

  • Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation
  • TT$3050/day
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 1.5 yr.
  • 35 km
Makeda Rosales image

Passionate,self motivated teacher with 6 years classroom experience.High standards for organization and management has led me to foster numerous techniques,to create a safe and engaging educational environment for students.
I employ unique tutoring methods to accommodate each child at his/her level of learning. This has been successful in...

  • Port of Spain
  • TT$400600/month
  • 2.0 yr.
  • 5.0 yr.
  • 30 km

I have taught O'Levells andAlevel Cambridge exams. Have taught CXC Physics for the past 21 years. My student pass rate for the last 12 years is 100% I utilize an eclectic or multi- facet approach to teaching depending on the students learning abilities.I prepare notes, worksheets and solutions to past papers.Also incorporates constant reviews and...

  • Chaguanas Borough Corporation
  • TT$200/hour
  • 2.0 yr.
  • 35.0 yr.
  • 3 km

2nd Year Mechanical Engineering Student and open scholarship recipient currently studying at the University of Toronto, adept at STEM related subject disciplines inclusive of Math, Ad Math, Physics, Pure Math and Applied Math. Keen insight and knowledge in explaining the reasoning behind concepts to ensure full and comprehensive understanding of...

  • Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation
  • TT$200500/week
  • 0.0 yr.
  • 0.0 yr.
  • 25 km

Hello all. Growing up in my country as a special needs student I had a clear understanding of what these persons go through. Now, as an educator I use my talents, qualifications and experience to ensure that as best as possible each student I work with gets 100% support. I have over 12 years experience as an educator/trainer in both the...

  • San Fernando City Corporation
  • TT$75150/hour
  • 2.0 yr.
  • 15.0 yr.
  • 50 km
Kerissa Leons image

The style of teaching I use is concept learning where I get to the root of the problem and teach all the concept and fundamental blocks needed to achieve full understanding of the question. I have worked with many different students with different levels of understanding and I am quite patient when it comes to speed. I find that learning math...

  • San Juan-Laventille Regional Corporation
  • TT$100300/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 1000 km