Microservices tutor jobs

Java , Spring boot , Micro Services

  • Jan 15
  • Jan 15
  • Minneapolis, MN, USA

I am looking for Java, Micro Services. I am looking for an online tutor.

  • Jan 14
  • Jan 14
  • Sibiu, Romania


I'm looking for Java full stack support for the new project, and I need minimum of 8 years of real time experience. The full JD is below, if anyone is available for help, please ping me.

1. Very good Micro services development experience
3. Restful API
4. Spring Boot
5. Micro service
6. Cloud experience
7. Kafka

  • Jan 13
  • Manchester, NH, USA
  • $600/month

Hey, I am currently doing a seminar called continuous software engineering and I need to develop a microservice and integrate it into a microservice demo shop. Would you be able to help me with my questions?
Kindest regards

  • Jan 12
  • Berlin, 23823 Seedorf, Germany
  • $48/hour

Hi Looking for a fast track Spring boot training and if possible with time then Spring cloud. Not a developer and looking out to gain more implementation knowledge for Microservices.

  • Jan 7
  • Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India


I am looking for an online tutor to go over advanced Java concepts like threading, microservices, generating CSRF tokens, garbage collector, etc. I would also like to go over Spring concepts (basic - intermediate).

I am looking specifically for someone to teach practically (writing code and explaining) not just theory.

  • Jan 6
  • The Colony, TX, USA
  • $8/hour