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I love teaching to young learners through games and entertainment by focusing on their interests and necessities.
I also will be there as long as they need me and will teach them patiently.
I try to use all of styles of learning based on the learning style of the student and also try to use the latest methodologies on styles by combining them in...

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I would summarize my philosophy of teaching as follows:
In my opinion, what makes a teacher successful and what highlights a teaching job in higher education (and beyond) is not only the creation of good connections between all parties (students-teachers). I strongly believe that the methodology of teaching followed to be helpful for the...

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I love my job. I love to teach new things to people. That' s make me useful and satisfied. I have some experience with students and they have good results.
My job consist on listening, writing and speaking. Making dialogues, listening each other and play together . We can learn and relaxing to learning. My experience as a teacher and the contact...

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  • Suhejla I am Suhejla, I am a teacher of Kur'an l am from A
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I think that my strong point in the success I have had so far with my students is: first of all my sincerity and desire for the student to progress significantly hour after hour. the second is my religious but also academic background, studies in Medina and studies in psychology (to provide quality students). I am dedicated and this has made me...

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