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  • Manish Kumar A+GradeXperts available 24/7 for your service
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Hello My friend,
(After reading the whole description you will definitely realise that )

This is Manish kumar, graduate from NIT RAIPUR ( ONE OF THE TOP REPUTED COLLEGES OF INDIA) and M.Sc in...

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I feel that what makes me the best teacher is that my lectures are very strong and I am always willing to answer and pay attention to a student questioning me. A student questioning me will most likely always receive an answer, as I will do my very best to do all the research I need to be able to have the knowledge to answer their question....

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Hi, I have done P.hD in chemistry, I am currently serving as professor in university of Peshawar. I graduated with Honors from university of Peshawar. I have wast teaching experience, both online and offline. All of my students have significantly improved in their subjects.
I am available to help students in their assignments,...

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  • Nidhi Singhal Specialization on AP and SAT Chemistry, IBDP, A/AS
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- Have specialization on AP Chemistry, Edexcel, Honors, IB, A/AS-Level, and SAT (subject SAT Chemistry) tuition for Chemistry
- I am graduated from IIT ROORKEE, NET qualified. Having 15+ years of teaching / tuition experience in college. I take personal home and online tuition
- Most of students have achieved 4/5 score in AP chemistry last many...

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Hi Dear students,
Do you need Chemistry classes?
Or do you need help in your Quiz, Assignment or in Exam of Chemistry?
If "YES" then certainly you are at the right place.
I have more than 10 years of teaching and research experience combined together. During PhD I worked on coordination Chemistry of heavy transition metals.
I have hands on...

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Hello pals

I am Doctor Naseeb, a Pharmacist, and a freelancer who has been in the medical field for more than 8 years. Partner with me for high quality task medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and health related topics.

I will write quality tasks that are well informative, free from plagiarism, well researched, and delivered timely
I will be glad...

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Hi. It's Pravin here a Master's in Chemistry.
So far:
• I have assisted students in more than 1100quizzes.
• Assisted students in more than 750 exams.
• Assisted students in more than 600 Assignments.

In the above list of students I assisted, I made almost 85% of students score A or A+ grade. From this you can think how consistent I am with...

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I am a professor of Chemistry from CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar, Haryana, India
Post Doctoral Fellow from University of California, Riverside,USA
PhD from Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India
with more than 36 years’ experience of research and teaching at all levels.
I listen and observe every student patiently,...

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Key Skills
Current assignment -
1. India - Kerala - NEET chemistry,
2. Africa - Grade A Chemistry,
3. Canada - Medicinal Chemistry
4. Australia - Laboratory skill course chemistry & ANQC
5. Italy - College grade chemistry
6. India - Cambridge Level A Chemistry
7. India - IB Chemistry
8. India - CBSE Class 11 & 12 Chemistry

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  • Sadia Rasul Online Exams solver|PhD |Biological science
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Hi Everyone!! I am Sadia RasuI from Pakistan & I am Doctor of chemistry and biological sciences. I have done PhD in Chemistry and biology from LUMS UNIVERSITY LAHORE, PAKISTAN. I have 7 year of teaching Experience in Science Subjects.

Are you worried about your Full Grades??
Are you facing difficulties in your studies?
Are you looking for...

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  • Mercy Chemistry particularly organic chemistry

Hello Everyone,

I am a chemistry area of expertise are in general chemistry,organic chemistry at basic and expert level..
I prefer teaching with various real life example and technologies like zoom,Facebook live,use of any technology to simplify organic chemistry concepts.

I am patient, coolheaded and I try to simplify the...

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I am Hafiz e Quran and Teaching Quran with qirat, tajweed, English translation and Arabic calligraphy.i have 15 years experience of teaching quran till date I have successfully taught quran to over 220 students and with utmost satisfaction of students and their parents.My students ranges from young kids who are just beginning phase of learning to...

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  • Aanchal Dr. Aanchal Professor in university
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Hey this is DR. Aanchal Suryavanshi (Rosa). I am an international tutor .this is my one and only tutor account please beware from fake accounts.


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  • 3.0 yr.
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I am Mazhar Hussain. I have done my M.Phil. and B.S Chemistry from Bahauddin Zakriya University, Multan, Pakistan.

I will teach you Chemistry and also solve your assignments related to chemistry. I will help you in your Chemistry related thesis research.

I am an expert in:
General chemistry
Organic chemistry (General Organic &...

  • Pakistan
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  • 4.0 yr.

Ever since I was a child, teaching has been my passion. I consider teaching to be a very noble profession and an honourable opportunity to mould the changemakers of tomorrow. Moreover, I believe it is the only profession where we get to learn new things throughout our lives. Keeping this goal in mind, I have strived to gain as much experience as...

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I am PhD student in physical and analytical chemistry at AbouBEKER BELKAID university in tlemcen Algeria.

I have a master degree in physical and analytical chemistry (2015) and a Bachelor degree in general chemistry (2013).

I have 5 years experience in teaching chemistry at Pharmacy departement faculty of medecine from 2017.

I have 8...

  • Algeria
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  • Ali Assistant professor of chemistry

Dearest students,
I want to help!
My name is Ali and I am an assistant professor in chemistry. With a PhD from KAUST, I get the chance to teach in very rebuted universities in Lebanon like (LAU, LU and AUB). I love to teach, and i do teaching since 15 years. I enjoy how I make my students understand hard concepts. My main philosophy in teaching...

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I am good in pharmaceutical chemistry. can help in review of articles and data analysis of research. help in research projects.
Teaching style don't know myself how it is. methodology for teaching is one to one best. discussion based I think.Problem solving help in quick learning.
Never thought about what are results of my teaching.
I won't...

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I am Mahmoud HACHEM, i am French, i have 28 years old and i am a doctor in organic chemistry. I have many experience in teaching (online or not). I was enjoying when i teaching and sharing my experience and my scientific culture and information.
I speak French, English, and Arabic.
I am the author for 3 scientific publications.
i have...

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  • Nadim Analytical Chemistry, Economics, Lecturer
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I am a University part-time lecturer with a Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry from Jacobs University Bremen, Germany.
I currently teach fundamentals of petroleum, petrochemical industry and petroleum products as well as Analytical Chemistry courses. I am an expert in Chromatography and mass spectrometry application for chemical analysis.
I have...

  • Lebanon
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