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Need C# developer to write test cases for testing API. We will use an API Client which is written in asyn, task and await programming. Calls to test will be GET, POST, DEL, PUT


  • Jan 19
  • West St, London, UK

Hello Dear Tutors
Can you please help me in a project with Soap UI, Postman, Selenium and Java, Gradle
please write me in my number ******** 137
email ******

  • Jan 16
  • Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • $177/month

Need help to complete ionic 4 project , Web services / API in PHP database MYSQL.
Need integration of SMS and E-mail services and help to resolve issue in API written in PHP.

  • Dec 31
  • Dec 29
  • Al Barsha 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • $109 (Fixed)

I am looking to learn Python. I have no experience in it buthave dabble a little with other languages.
What level are you proficient in and what is your teaching style? How long would it take for me to be very proficient to ba able to design my own pieces of software, working with API,s, data mining, analysis etc.
How many hours per week would...

  • Dec 30
  • Gagan Vihar, Krishna Nagar, Delhi, India