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I was wondering if I could receive some help on one of my computer science assignments. It is in Python using the OpenCV package to find specific objects in various images using template matching. I am having trouble manipulating the code so that it can locate objects in multiple images rather than just 1 image.

Any help and tutoring...

  • Dec 1
  • Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • $15/hour

Advanced ecology lab help report
Higher level ecology

  • Dec 3
  • Naples, FL, USA

to help in bioinformatics.

  • Nov 30
  • Nov 30
  • Angamaly, Kerala, India
  • $27/day

Hello, I'm looking for a bioinformatics teacher. Its a beginner-level course. If someone can contact me immediately that would be great.

  • Nov 26
  • Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan

I am looking for an experienced person to help me with BIOINFORMATIC QUESTIONS AND ASSIGNMENTS. All assignments and questions are on PYTHON. You must be able to code on python and solve the bioinformatics questions/biopython. Will pay extra for last minute express help.

Please contact only if you are an experienced bioinformatics coder on...

  • Nov 12
  • NS-102, Halifax, NS, Canada

UCSC Genome Browser Assignment

  • Nov 11
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

I urgently need help on a coursework on using sequence bioinformatic tools on an unknown sequence to understand its nucleotide sequence, protein sequence and investigate whether the genetic variant in the sequence caused a different phenotype.

  • Nov 8
  • Manchester, UK
  • $53/hour

teach me how to perform data analysis on phenotypic and genotypic data for master thesis: phenotypic and genotypic variabilty of wild spinach
I am looking for an online tutor. Timings for classes will be flexible for me. My budget is GBP 30 per hour.

  • Nov 6
  • Nov 5
  • Peterborough, UK
  • $40/hour

I want some cosultaion and help in in bioinformatics assignment

  • Nov 17
  • Ludhiana, Punjab, India

I was wondering if I could reach out to you for help on some of my computational biology needs. I am currently doing my master's and have some projects that I would like tutoring in. One of the projects is related to machine learning using sklearn where we must train regression models that predict the solubility of chemical compounds....

  • Nov 17
  • Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  • $20/hour