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I believe in learning with clearing concepts, if your concepts are clear,m you'll learn better as well as permanent, if not you have to memorize everything, which will be volatile and eventually lost, so it is necessary to clear concepts with suitable examples, analogies and crystal clear understanding of the subject, it may take some time to...

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Dear students..
Myself,Jintu from thrissur. I completed Phd in microbiology.
I have 3years of experience in teaching field (nursing college and entrance coaching centres)
Here you can clarify your doubts and study the subjects more easily. I provide simple notes which is helpful for the students to study. Conduct weakly mock tests. If you...

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Artificial intelligence and automation are two biggest challenge in coming future in employment sectors. That's why education must in a different way so that students must understand the core of the subjects rather than mechanical ways.
I love to teach in such a way that students do smile during the class so that everyone enjoyed that.
I focus...

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once any one listen to my teaching, they will understand.
I shall teach with my experience and train students as the best.
i give them tasks and discussions and make the subject as simple as possible so that they can enjoy the subject and put their heart into it,.
I am very much experienced to train all types of students. where ever i worked, i...

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I understand that the biggest impediment in learning a new thing or a topic is that they are not presented in an exiting manner and they are not loaded with examples. This is exactly where I come in. I can present complex things in a very easy to understand manner to the audience. I explain things and give many examples until it is set in...

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I am totally comfortable with any topic/ syllabus related to Biology at any level.
From basic school going students, NEET, AIIMS examinations; to specialized higher courses like Biotechnology, Molecular biology, Immunology, cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, genetics, genetic engineering, protein chemistry etc; I can cover all of it.

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