Online Cloud Computing tutor jobs

I am looking for part time trainer in multiple domains i.e Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Big Data, Embedded Systems, Hybrid & electric vehicles, IOT etc. We can pay between 700 to 1100 rupees per hour.

  • Yesterday
  • Yesterday
  • HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • $14/hour

Hi , I am looking for some help with my assignment on Developing Secure Systems and Applications within Industrial IoT devices and to use these algorithms in relation to the topic
* Encryption algorithms
• Hashing algorithms
• Digital signature algorithms

Can you kindly help , thank you

  • Yesterday
  • United Kingdom House, Fitzrovia, London, UK
  • $42 (Fixed)

My want to Learn Aws & Cloud computing

  • Apr 30
  • Apr 30
  • Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
  • $27/week

I have an assignment for university and I am struggling with the level of information that may be needed and id love some guidance on the project and getting through it over the next 7 weeks.
I am studying cloud computing and data centre management. The assignment is a management and maintenance project where I take skills learns and also...

  • Apr 30
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • $24/hour

I am looking for someone with lots of AWS experience, especially devops and architecture. This is greatly needed to assist with school projects I am currently working on.

  • Apr 28
  • Bowie, MD, USA

i need help in my cloud computing assigment please whats app me asap on ********

  • Apr 28
  • Kirti Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, India
  • $202 (Fixed)

Cloud computing project with AWS and putty we should use static html website

  • Apr 25
  • Ajman - United Arab Emirates
  • $82 (Fixed)

I need a tutor who can help me on cloud computing using hadoop and map reduce.

  • Apr 22
  • Malakpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500024, India

Required Cloud Computing trainer to teach basics of cloud computing and AWS

  • Apr 20
  • Dharwad, Karnataka, India
  • $67/month

Must be an expert in artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, intelligent signal processing, iot, convolutional neural network, deep neural network, distributed arithmetic.

  • May 3
  • Bihar, 845101, India

I need a Cloud Computing expert
- A bachelor or master degree
- Able to write report in IEEE format
- Able to do both report + coding
- Serverless architecture (AWS or Azure or Fission)
If you’ve all of these requirements contact me please.

  • Apr 15
  • Area 51, NV, USA
  • $300 (Fixed)


I am looking for help in writing assigment below. It is due this Sunday. Must come from a person with technical backgroud.

In a 2 to 3 page paper using APA format and adhering to the writing rubric, from chapter 10, discuss means to cope with the complexity of computer and communication systems other than modularity, layering and...

  • Apr 14
  • Reston, VA, USA
  • $25 (Fixed)

Hi there,

I need help with my coursework please

This part of the coursework focuses on parallelisation and scalability in the cloud with Spark and TesorFlow/Keras. We start with code based on lessons 3 and 4 of the Fast and Lean Data Science course by Martin Gorner. What we will do here is parallelise the pre-processing and machine learning...

  • Apr 12
  • 93 Hunt Club Dr, London, ON N6H 3Y4, Canada
  • $61/hour

Phishing attacks, cloud computing security

  • Apr 12
  • 500038, Satyam Theatre Rd, Kumar Basti, Aditya Nagar, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500082, India

About the job
We are looking for candidates who are:
• Capable of understanding and clearly describing complex technical information
• Comfortable working independently and in a team
• Confident soliciting information from subject matter experts
• Enthusiastic about learning new skills
• Able to juggle multiple responsibilities and shifting...

  • Apr 8
  • Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

I am looking for IOT teacher to teach online for my students I pay 2$-3$ for an hour. I am looking for an online tutor.

  • Apr 28
  • Apr 27
  • Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • $3/hour

looking for help with internet of things project, possibly using arduino or raspberry pi

  • Apr 28
  • Doha, Qatar
  • $275 (Fixed)

Need help fixing visual studio code. Working on a project that allows a temperature sensor and GPS sensor to run using an Esp32. The goal is to send the data to an IoT cloud. I am having trouble merging the codes, and getting the GPS sensor to work properly. I am using Visual Studio Code and Arduino cc.

  • Apr 25
  • Riverview, FL, USA
  • $8/hour

I need help with an IOT assignment where I have to create an IOT device/system using Adruino and write a report about it.

  • Apr 24
  • Doha, Qatar

Looking for someone can teach B Tech CSE 3rd year student

  • Apr 15
  • Mathikere, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India