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Hello everyone,

My name is Surendra Varma Pericherla.
I have achieved Distinction in B.Tech CSE and Also, I cracked GATE exam in 2006 with 98.3 Percentile. Iam a University topper (who Stood 2nd) in M.Tech CSE. Currently, Pursuing PhD at IISC Bangalore.

I have 13+ Years of overall experience in Teaching/research/Industry.
Currently, Iam...

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Myself vishram ghanekar sir,
I have total 17 years of teaching experience of teaching mechanical engineering subjects.
My teaching subjects includes diploma and degree mechanical engineering subjects.

When i start teaching any subject,i like to explain the concept of that topic in detail,for that purpose i give student many practical...

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I consider myself as a challenge accepting teacher who will try every possible way to make his students not only understand but enjoy Mathematics.
I will try to be as much friendly as I can be and as much helpful to students as I may be.
I enjoy solving problems and I will make you enjoy this too.
To complement my skills I can say I have...

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  • Pramod Sethy C, DS, DAA, TAFL, CD, All computer Science sub

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I completed my Masters degree (M.Tech) in Computer Science from Indian institute of Technology(IIT), Dhanbad and completed my graduation in Computer Science & Engineering from University College of Engineering, Burla. I am very familiar with all subjects of computer Science. I work as an online tutor in Chegg(USA) from last four years, I can teach...

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Over 10 years of teaching, 4 years online. Tutored 70+ students with 3000+ hours of online classes. Graduated from India's top Engineering Institute IIT Madras with a Dual degree in Electrical Engineering.

I try to make the student understand exactly why/when to use a particular formula/concept and why should it be there in the first place. For...

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  • Arjun Kumar Researcher,best tutor for teaching and assignment

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Myself Arjun kumar, currently i research independently in modelling topic. i passed my master of science in mathematics with first class from INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY(IIT_ISM) DHANBAD and. passed graduation (B.SC) with distinction marks in mathematics.experienced tutor, knowledge of research,learn mathematics by geometrical interpretation...

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  • Riju Kar Discrete mathematics, number theory, combinatorics

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I love to solve discrete, number theory problems based on RMO and other olympiads.
apart from that i also love solving coding problems and python is my preferred programing language.
I believe mathematics is the key to every science subjects i.e if you are good at it then you will find the later easy.
I teach on the basis of problem solving,...

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  • 2.0 yr.

A teacher is nothing if one is not able to clarify the concept or problems of a student or leave the topic incomplete so very first approach to solve any query or problem is
-to provide Personal Attention to each work, assignment or problem, topic required by the student.
-Assistance in explaining concept by suitable real world examples....

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  • Nitu Dua Math /Discrete Math/A and AS level Ma/GCSE/O level

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Hi this is Nitu Dua from North India.I have been teaching Maths to students at high level,college level since 15 years.Also took tuitions for grade 6 to grade 12.My qualifications are M.Phil. M.Sc. (Maths) B.Sc. B.Ed. I do hold Teaching Certificate (India).Taught in various Schools and Colleges,but now tutoring has become my Passion . Most of my...

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I use to to teach mathematics in simple way so that each and every student must feel that math is easy to study and easy to score. As a maths teacher my focus is always on students understanding the materials presented, applying the skills and recalling the concepts in future. I will help the students in better understanding of Mathematics by...

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Hi Everyone I am Kainat from šŸ‡µšŸ‡°. I have recently graduated from KFUEIT Pakistan, with a degree in BS- Applied Mathematics . As a Maths teacher: I can teach online courses, prepare questions for tests and assignments, help in homework, give video lectures, and Worksheet according to student's requirements.
I am specialised in supporting special...

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I am a full-time Ph.D. scholar who loves teaching along with research. Due to certain constraints in my research, I had to opt-out of full-time teaching opportunities but I still would like to be in touch with the profession part-time.
I am deeply interested in relating day-to-day events with basic mathematical concepts instead of just involving...

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Hey, Iā€™m Michael from Australia, I offer not just classes or answers to homework/assignments in mathematics, physics and chemistry but brings you to understand a true scientific world; with me, all above mentioned subjects will always be fun to learn

I Offer more than two ways in solving any kind of given problem.
If you can trust me to take...

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  • 3.0 yr.
  • Kusumalatha Can teach any computer science subject with ease

I have an expertise in all the computer science subjects..Whichever the subject i teach, it is discussed with basic examples which anyone can understand..The methodology used is to start with basic knowledge required to understand the subject and then proceed based on the student ability to understand from basic to expert level.The concept once...

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Well planned lectures with result oriented approach.
Concrete to abstract approach.
I query based learning.
Best use of technology to understand mathematical concepts.
Ideas shared in logical ways.
Detailed explanation for each topic .
Practical approach toward knowledge building concepts.
Special emphasis on key concepts and central ideas...

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Hello students,
I am Rohit, Assistant professor at Senior Ahmednagar college Ahmadnagar.
I really enjoying the online teaching right now, I would like to teach those students who are curious, Intelligent in their learning
I also like to Help students in their assignments homeworks and specially in exam.
I have helping nature towards the...

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  • Ridam Jain Optimistic, good communication skills

{For assignment completion,contact ASAP.I hate wasting time}
Hey, I am a challenge seeker.Last July I had graduated but due to covid I haven't got a job.In the past I have taken offline home tuitions.And from last 6 months I have been teaching online.I am willing to teach Python maths statistics and many more.I am good in RESEARCHING or in Dept...

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I am B.Tech in computer science. M.S (IIT Madras) in computer science. I am interested in solving mathematics from school level till PG level.
I have three years online teaching experience.
I will provide solution of the questions with detailed explanation along with extra knowledge needed to solve such questions.
I have expertise in solving...

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I am currently working as a researcher at IIT Kharagpur, in Machine learning labs. Here, I am looking for opportunities to teach students online across the globe. I am having a strong knowledge of mathematics and programming languages. I would like to help students with my 100 % dedication. I will teach students with proper care and my focus will...

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