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Music is my passion. Music is a healing process that heals even the most miserable and broken souls. Music can mellow even a wicked heart.
I try to instill this principle in the students so that they develop their aesthetic sense and enjoy the process of learning music.
I would love to teach students who share a similar passion in music and has...

  • India
  • $0.7-2/hour
  • 0.0 yr.
  • 20.0 yr.

I am a keyboard master with 30+ years of experience

Specialized in

Western piano

Have provided grades for students from Trinity college London in
Electric keyboard, Piano

Every year Trinity College London supports the music education of thousands of students with assessments across a wide spectrum...

  • India
  • $7/hour
  • 0.0 yr.
  • 30.0 yr.

Sunmeet Singh image

I have 2 years experience in teaching students. If the student is interested.. I can Make him excel the class but his attention and sincerity is very much needed. I charge on the basis of students understanding capability and the course structure.
So Give my basis of teaching a try and see a difference in yourself.

... ... ... . ....

  • India
  • $49-112/month
  • 0.0 yr.
  • 2.0 yr.

Papri Bhattacharyya image

I love to teach whatever knowledge I have learned from my Teachers to the learner.At first I give the basic training,then continue the Ragas .
Between 2 Ragas I give Light Classical,For the Children there are rhythmic and attractive tune song,Filmi―nonFilmi songs, Rhyms etc. What they enjoy.
I direct various programs where ever I stay in...

  • India
  • $4-8/hour
  • 5.0 yr.
  • 5.0 yr.

I teach the perfect method, voice culture, technical folts and how to improve gayki, how to improve your voice, basic training of riyaz etc...Etc...My teaching style is not at class besed talim but actually how to makes best results and proper gharans gayki I will share in my students... Under my gauidenc many student complete the sangeet visharad...

  • India
  • $28/month
  • 5.0 yr.
  • 7.0 yr.

Rekha Khanna image

I have lot of experience in teaching hindi, sanskrit Dholak,music,tabla,kathak.guitar, bollywood etc.
I teach in a friendly manner.
I am MA.b.ed,MA in Sanskrit,tabla, vocal.and Prabhakar in kathak.
Hope you all get the best of my knowledge.I run my own school named srisangeetalay at my place.
My method of teaching ;
I'll start from a beginner...

  • India
  • $1-3/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 25.0 yr.

i am teaching guitar and harmonium as an individual guitar teacher from 4-5 years . i started teaching in my school and now i am an individual teacher working for people who want to learn guitar from very start or want to improve their skills . with guitar i also teach ear training which is essential for every musician. i also teach harmonium...

  • India
  • $21-56/hour
  • 0.0 yr.
  • 5.0 yr.

More than 4 year experience as a music teacher.
I am enthusiastic about music and want to spread awareness by providing instrumental and vocal knowledge about music.
Experienced in Rabindra Sangeet
Experienced in Indian Classical Music
Knowledge on Harmonium instrument
Prepare music lessons and teach students that how to read music...

  • India
  • $14-42/month
  • 2.0 yr.
  • 5.0 yr.

Mohanish Jaju image

These are the reasons why I stand out from the rest of the online/terrestrial teachers:

1. Wide Pedagogical Spectrum:
I did my Bachelor's degree in North Indian Classical Music, Master's in Indian percussion, 2nd Master's (ongoing) in Ethnomusicology. Experience from these academic disciplines has shaped in me a very neutral, dynamic,...

  • United Kingdom
  • $30-48/hour
  • 8.0 yr.
  • 14.0 yr.

Manish Niroti image

A better performer and a good teacher
music is in my family
learning at the age of 4
got stage exposure when i was 15
worked with topmost artist of Delhi
worked with several other institute as teacher
two things i believe
learn and teach
learning cannot be stopped as music is endless
and teaching is too creative as every student...

  • India
  • $14/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 8.0 yr.

Sunil Bhandari image

Learn music from basic ragas to any type of songs includes classical ragas, bollywood, Punjabi folk, ghazal, devotional songs (hindi and punjabi).
Perfect cool friendly environment for all ages (5-80 yrs)
Both practical and theoretical knowlege will be given.
Home tuitions are also available in Navi Mumbai.
More emphasis on practicals. Demo...

  • India
  • $11-14/hour
  • 5.0 yr.
  • 18.0 yr.

Buvanesh K V image

A energetic, experienced and creative music teacher with a proven ability to get the very best out of pupils. An expert at identifying the appropriate resources required for a subject matter and then ensuring that they are used efficiently, effectively and safely. Able to demonstrate and encourage high standard of professionalism and having a...

  • India
  • $7/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 15.0 yr.

Rutuja Wani image

I am Rutuja Wani, Software Engineer .I have 3 years of teaching experience in Mathematics, Logical Reasoning and English for competitive exams MAT, CAT, GMAT, GRE, Maths Olympiad, Scholarships, IIT JEE, AIEEE, Engineering .
I also teach Vedic Mathematics and Harmonium .
I use skype as online tool .
I teach to students such a way that they can...

  • India
  • $8-13/hour
  • 1.0 yr.
  • 3.0 yr.

Vijay Deshmukh image

I have 20 years experience in teaching students. If the student is interested.. I can Make him excel the class I want his attention and sincerity is very much needed. I am recognised radio artist . I charge per hour basis.
So Give me the opportunity to teach and see a difference in yourself.
I use to teach basics of harmonium, classical music,...

  • India
  • $8-17/hour
  • 0.0 yr.
  • 20.0 yr.