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Looking for a resume writer specialist and virtual assistant

  • Dec 1
  • Germantown, MD, USA

I have detailed our specific needs below regarding the DevOps process and CI/CD pipeline:

1. Development Phase: Understanding how DevOps integrates with development workflows, like GitHub Actions. Clarification on where unit tests fit in and whether developers are responsible for writing these tests for coverage.

2. Build Phase: Insights on...

  • Dec 1
  • Yonkers, NY, USA
  • $100/month

Assignmen for Communications and information technologies-A
I need help with a project in It, Please contact me on WhatsApp

  • Nov 29
  • Al Marfa, Al-Balad, Jeddah 22238, Saudi Arabia
  • $19 (Fixed)

Great morning I am reaching out to you I have two son that are in 7/9 both of them need weekend classes I saw your information online one go to calabar and st Catherine can you please reach out to me 🙏

  • Nov 24
  • Spanish Town, Jamaica
  • $6/day

Good Morning,

I need help for the creation of an anlysis of a merger and acquistion deal that accoured bewtween two comapnies.

These thngs should be done:
“Analysis of whether there was a statistically significant reaction in financial
markets to past occurrences of a given type of event, such as M&As, that is
hypothesised to affect...

  • Nov 13
  • Manchester, UK
  • $190 (Fixed)

Someone have an experience creating DFA
I would like to see their works also
In this part, you should present the information (data) flows between different business processes described in the IDEF0 diagrams.
In this part, pay attention to:
a. Present Process Hierarchy Charts
b. DFA primitives: Process, Sink, Source, Data Store, Data...

  • Nov 6
  • Jazeerat Al Reem East - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates