Online Logic Gates tutor jobs

Logic gates, truth table, Boolean expression, de Morgan's, Boolean erythematic, adders, multiplexer, decoder, Karnaugh map, alu, Sequential Logic
Stored Program Concept.
von Neumann Architecture
Input and Output
Machine languages.
Hack machine language
Symbolic version.
Binary version.
Z80 Microprocessor...

  • Jul 23
  • Pune, Maharashtra, India

I need someone who are expert at Semiconductors, semiconductor devices, diodes, diode characteristics and circuits. Transistors,
BJT, MOSFET. Inverters, RTL, TTL, ECL structures. CMOS Logic Gates.

It will be online timed assignment and it will mostly contain design questions about these things.

please contact me via whatsapp.

  • Jul 5
  • Kadıköy/Istanbul, Turkey


I need help in digital microcontroller help

Please contact me only if you are expert and know about C code and Msp430 controller + electrical circuit and logic gates.

  • Jun 30
  • 80 Waterdale Rd, Ivanhoe VIC 3079, Australia
  • $45 (Fixed)

I need someone who is expert on DIGITAL ELECTRONICS course, and expert on topics such as:

Enhancement-Depletion Loaded NMOS Inverter
CMOS Inverter
CMOS Combinational Logic Gates

Please contact me if you are a perfect on these topics.. Btw I am Turkish and not earning USD! Please don’t text me if you are not affordable.

  • Jun 29
  • Gaziantep, Turkey
  • $29 (Fixed)

I am looking for someone to help me in these exams (logic circuits, electronic 1, statistics and probabilities) I am in Turkey but I will provide all the questions in English if there's someone qualified to help me I can pay (10-15$) for each exam thanks in advance:)

  • Jun 28
  • Başakşehir, Başak, 34480 Başakşehir/İstanbul, Turkey
  • $13 (Fixed)

I have an exam in electronics 2 (digital electronic) and I need help for 4 questions which are about RTL, TTL, NMOS, CMOS inventor and its logic gates, ECL, NMOS Inverter (including both analysis and designs). Questions will be focused on the design concept, examples will be provided to get familiar with the concept. Please contact me if you are...

  • Jun 27
  • Osmangazi, Armada Sokak, 34887 Sancaktepe/İstanbul, Turkey
  • $35 (Fixed)