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I am looking for someone with experience in matlab solve COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, it's homework MATLAB and due to (last submit): June 20 23:55 (GTC+3)(Istanbul)=> Last 3 day
Budget is 30 dollars
Introduction to Matlab:
Introduction to Signals (Time and Frequency
Exponential Fourier Series (Matlab)
Amplitude Modulation...

  • 4 hours ago
  • Sakarya, Turkey
  • $29 (Fixed)

i need assignment help for matlab. the assignment is 3 questions, 1st q: creatie a script file to create a surface mesh plot, 2nd q: cunstruct a simulink moodle to solve a function, 3rd:develop a GUI calculator of 4 buttons or use various dialog boxes insted

  • 13 hours ago
  • Güvenevler, 20. Cd. No:1, 33140 Yenişehir/Mersin, Turkey
  • $35/day

I need 5 questions to be solved in 80 min. All the questions are gonna be coding questions in MATLAB.
TOPIC: Applications of Differential Equations (AOD)
DATE: 22nd June

  • 15 hours ago
  • 18 hours ago
  • Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • $16/hour

Looking for an expert MATLAB teacher

  • Jun 16
  • طريق حي اور، An Nasiriyah, Iraq

I am looking for an expert in the MATLAB exam tomorrow

  • Jun 15
  • Antalya, Turkey
  • $41 (Fixed)

I am looking for someone who is excellent in coding specially in matlab so he can help me in quizzes and exams

  • Jun 15
  • Zakher - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
  • $27/hour

Learn Matlab programming

  • Jun 15
  • Surat, Gujarat, India

I need help with Matlab (intro to computing lab) exams and assessment

  • Jun 15
  • UAE Exchange Building - Sharjah - United Arab Emirates

To solve matlab simulink (MIMO Transmission) lab files. The timings is tomorrow 12:30 p.m. as per the European time.

  • Jun 15
  • Jun 15
  • Moabit, Berlin, Germany
  • $36/hour


Contact me in my whatsapp : *********

  • Jun 15
  • Al Twar 1 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Professional Tutor in MATLAB know to silve the problems very fast and professionally

  • Jun 15
  • Al Hili - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Hi, I am looking for someone to help me take an
Numerical Methods Using Matlab

get me excellent grades

  • Jun 14
  • Jun 13
  • Irbid, Jordan
  • $70/hour

I need an Electrical Engineering Tutor.
An Expert on Matlab

And especially on these topics:
Grammar on Matlab (Matlab Environment, Commands, Functions, Vector and Matrices, Plotting, Simulink, etc)
Use of Matlab in ODE
Use of Matlab in Circuit analysis
Use of Matlab in Digital Logic
Use of Matlab in Systems and Signals
Use of Matlab in...

  • Jun 14
  • 327 Boyd St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, USA

Shortest path for roadmaps using bee colony and grey wolf
This is the topic and I want someone to do the Matlab coding for this project.
If you can do it please let me know along with your charges.
Please treat it as urgent.

  • Jun 14
  • Eryaman, 06824 Etimesgut/Ankara, Turkey
  • $12/hour

I am a student of IIT KGP- couldn’t clear two of my labs as couldn’t get clarity of things online. Experiments related to pressure & force measurement on various models using diff measuring techniques, supersonic wind tunnel experiments and flow visualisation.Systems lab I.e creation of different stimuli i models on MATLAB depending on the system...

  • Jun 13
  • Durgapur, West Bengal, India

Looking for someone skilled in Numerical Methods and Matlab to solve my upcoming exam.
Exam topics are as follows:

Error Analysis

Root Finding Methods
Bisection Method
Newton Raphson Method
Secants Method
False Position (Regula Falsi) Method
Fixed Point Iteration

Solving Systems of Linear Equations:
Gauss Elimination

  • Jun 13
  • İstanbul Yolu, Ankara, Turkey


I need someone who is expert in MATLAB. where I need him to help me in my exam which will be on the 21 of June and it will have a duration of 2 hours and 30 mins. For more details please contact me.


  • Jun 12
  • Mohammed Bin Zayed City - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Hello, I have 2 practicals in control systems, it needs to be done within a week, I need a control system expert who have the equipment like conputer matlab, simulink and especially fluinduino or arduoinu

  • Jun 12
  • Jun 12
  • 71 Al Maha St, Muscat, Oman
  • $53 (Fixed)

Hi! I have an assignment on Heat Transfer and Heat equations.

I was having trouble trying to integrate a green roof as a passive design strategy for my existing Matlab room model, check room model.m file.

The objective is to see how the inner room temperature is affected with the addition of the green roof by considering shading. To simplify...

  • Jun 12
  • Anam-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • $45/hour

HI... I need help to developing the exact pore network modelling model in the journal using Matlab. My topic focused on reservoir simulation. Could you help me?

  • Jun 11
  • Jun 10
  • Aberdeen, UK
  • $493 (Fixed)