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hi, i am looking for help in presentation in Mosfet switching as electrical switching

  • Apr 9
  • Al Qatif Saudi Arabia
  • $40 (Fixed)

Needed special help in Assignments of Electronics: circuits and Amplifiers, including MOSFETS, diodes... engineering level

  • Apr 6
  • Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • $82 (Fixed)

I am looking for someone experienced in Introductory Electronics (Diodes, MOSFET, BJT, Amplifiers) subject. I need tutoring classes and also need help with assignments.

  • Apr 2
  • Ludhiana, Punjab, India

I need help with my analog electronic lecture.
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  • Mar 30
  • Mar 29
  • Kağıthane/Istanbul, Turkey
  • $12/hour

Assignment help about diodes, bipolar transistors and MOS transistors and modes of operations; and fundamental of analog, digital and mixed-signal IC design. please leave your contact

  • Mar 30
  • South Horizons, Hong Kong
  • $64 (Fixed)


I am seeking help with an assignment for Analogue circuits. It will be a very complex frequency response analysis of single stage, multiple stage and or Differential MOSFET amplifiers. Topics include, OCT technique to find Bandwidth , SCT technique, Finding poles and zeros, Finding transfer function of CMOS amplifiers as...

  • Mar 22
  • 74 Brighton Ct, Brooklyn, NY 11235, USA
  • $25/hour