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Assalamu alaikum w rahmatullahi w barakatuh

* Online Islamic class *
Kya Aap Islami taleem hasil karna chahte hai ya Apne bacchon our bacchiyon ko hasil karwana chahte hai to Aap ghar baithe hi Online sistam se Andrune mulk aur berune mulk me Apne smart phone WhatsApp laptop Zoom meeting ke Zaria mahir Aalim deen se hasil kar sakte hai mera...

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Welcome to AL UMAR QURAN INSTITUTE. You are at the right place, and we could teach every subjects related to Islam. We are teaching the following subjects.
1.Noorani Qaida 2. Quran's memorization 3.Mas noon Dua's 4. Ablution method 5. Salah Method 6. Right of Parents 7. Islam for Youngers
TEACHING METHOD : We use example to explain concept, we...

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*Assalamu Alaikum* l hope that you are fine. we teach the holy Qur'an with proper tajweed.Reading the holy Qur'an with tajweed, (Nazra) is very important for all Muslims🕋.l will help you improve your recitation in a very short time

↪ Qur'an classes for all ages.
↪️ basic noorani qaida for kids.
↪ Memorization...

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  • Romisa Ahmad I've experience good knowledge communication skil
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Assalamu Alaikum
My name is Romisa Ahmad,
I'm online Quran teacher
I am teaching people of all ages and children's
I have good communication skills and experience

I've memorized Quran . I also have  certificate of Hifz-e-Quran.
I've done M.phil in Islamic studies, Masters degree in Islamic studies
And Dars-e-nizami from...

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Assalamualikum_ my name is moulana usama siddiqui, I am from India_
I am professional Quran and Islamic Teacher.
I am Aalim, Faazil, Hafiz, and Qari_
I have over a year of online teaching experience,
I teach in English, Urdu and Hindi_
ALHAMDULILLAH, I have more than 15 students from England, USA, Saudi Arabia, etcetc_

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I m a teacher of deen e islam, who can make u a person of hereafter by the grace of ALLAH SWT. I m a aalima and qaria in quran,teaching quran is passion of my life.Concentration on perfect pronounciation of quran words is my motto.Reading quran with best way,the way we must read is most important because arabic is not difficult but pronounciation...

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I am studying in Jamia Islamia Madinah Munawara
and I have completed MA in Islamic Studies
,MA Arabic from Pakistan .
Complete uloom Islamic Studies.
and in Masjid Nabavi I have recited complete Qur'an in different recitations like qiraat Hafs tradition and qiraat Shubaa etc.
And in Islamic university of Madina i received
FIVE degrees in...

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Name/ teacher somaya shokry
23 years old
I have an Ejaza ( which is certificate in Quraan memorization without any mistakes ) I learned The Holly Quraan from an excellent shaikhahs who studied in Al-Azhar, I can teach Noor Albayn, Noorania qaida and tajweed rules for beginners .
I worked for years in quraan teaching with many students( from...

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اسمی محمد وسیم۔
انا من باکستان
تعلمت فی جامعہ دارالعلوم کراتشی۔ حفظ۔ وعالم۔ وتخصص فی الفقہ۔ وغیر ذلک من
العلوم القرآن والحدیث والفقہ
وفی الحدیث الںخاری۔ ومسلم۔ وترمذی۔ وابوداود۔ ونسائی۔ وابن ماجہ۔ ونسائی۔ وطحاوی۔ ومشکوة۔ وریاض الصالحین۔ وغیر ذلک من الکتب احدیث۔ ۔
قدوری۔ وفی الفقہ ۔ وکنز الدقائق۔ وھدایہ ۔ وغیر ذالک من الکتب المتداولہ فی...

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Myself MD SALEH UMAR,I am from katihar Bihar India,I expert in Urdu Arabic & English language as well as I expert in Islamic studies and Moral education. My teaching style:
( 1)Authority Style( 2) The Delegator Style (3)The Facilitator Style (4) The Demonstrator Style and (5)The Hybrid Style. I am Hafiz e Quran, Saba Qari & I got shahadatul...

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  • Imran Abid Teacher of Qirat, Tajweed and memorization.
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As salam o Alikom,
Dear Brothers and sisters I hope you are doing well.
MY name is Imran abid from Afghanistan.
I have studied faculty of Qirat and Tajweed from Jamiat ur Rasheed Karachi in 2019. I also studied faculty of Hadith from Jamia Darul Uloom Haqqania Akora khatak in 2018. I have memorized The holy Quran...

  • Afghanistan
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If you are looking for a good, passionate,loving and subject master Teacher Iam here.
Degree,PG,B.Ed,KTET,SET,NET in Arabic
5 years teaching experience
One to One Tutoring
4 years Experience in CBSE,BRITISH,AMERICAN,KERALA Curriculum Spoken Arabic (Iam assuring you can speak Arabic very fluent irrespective of your language knowledge)

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Assalamu aliakam
I'm Abdul Raheem
I'm Hafiz and Aalim and got a degree in Islamic studies and fiqh I have teaching experience of 3 years(online and offline) alhumdulillah I can teach Qur'an recitation (nazera), memorization (hifz) tafseerul Qur'an, hadiths and any other Islamic knowledge alhumdulillah I can speak Urdu fluently so any age of...

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Sheikh Ahmed has been a proud Hafiz of Qur’an since the age of 12. Masha’Allah, he has two Ijazaat and is currently expanding his knowledge of Islamic studies in English at the faculty of languages and translation, Al-Azhar University. He has had the privilege of working as a Quraan, Tajweed and Arabic teacher with non-Arabic speakers for the past...

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Quran Tajweed,Arabic,Urdu,Hindi Language Teacher.
Assalamu Alaikum,
I am Qari mohd Faheem Nadwi.
I will teach you Recite Quran with tajweed,Arabic,Urdu,Hindi language in a very simple and easy way .
We have short and important courses to Teach you, Like basic Islamic Aqaid, Seerat-un-Nabi(Life of mohammad s.a.w).
We teach all these courses on...

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Assalamu Alaikum Warehmatullah e Wa Barakatu.
Greetings of the Day 🤲
Thank you for visiting my profile.
My name is Mufti Shahid Farooq (Online Holy Quran Teacher).
and I'm Certified Alim,Scholar,Hafiz with Ijazah, Alhamdulillah.
I'm Bi-Lingual English Urdu Speaker
✅(2005) completed Memorization of the Holy Quran.
✅ (2013) Obtained Ijazah...

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  • 10.0 yr.

It is a matter of great freedom for me that someone learns Quran Pak because of me.
who becomes a source of charity for me
Man needs breath to live In the same way, a perfect person is also blessed by the Qur'an need to learn.

Mery liye Mery charges itny zarori nahi jitna aap k liye Quran pak sekhna zarori ha
Inshall Aap Ghar baithy Ik Bht...

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Hello! My name is Aneeqa Arooj.I am a Qur'an teacher. And I have a 2 years experience in it.i teach students of UK and Canada also.i teach Qur'an with proper tajweed.i am teaching my students to namaz and all things which is included in islam.i am teaches students with proper way of methodology . I am very friendly with my students.they are very...

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