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Assalam o alaikum warahmatullah.
I am a resident of Pakistan and am qualified in the studies of quran and arabic language.
I completed my hifz in the year 2012 and i have done my tajweed in 2015 and i did my Arabic language course in 2016 with my intermediate academic studies.
Since my completion of hifz and tajweed i have been teaching quran...

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I can teach you with full of attention and try to.give you more knowledge 💫And inshallah you will get inspired with my style of teaching the way i convey you the teaching of islam
if anyone is interested in please apply
i will make sure your heart filled with the love of Allah Almighty
Take some time to Holy Quran
Quran is the very big...

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I'm Shahbaz Ali from Pakistan. I'm Hafiz and professional Islamic scholar. I'm a student of Mufti Taqi Usmani. I'm a professional online Quran teacher. I can teach you The Holy Quran with tajweed in a good accent. I can help you with Islamic studies in a good way. I have a great experience for those who want to memorize the Holy...

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I will provide online Quran tutoring service that makes you & your kids to learn to read the Holy Quran beutifully with Tajweed at your desired time and days .My teaching is equally beneficial for kids and adults. All you need is a computer with headphone and internet connection.
You can joins us for 3 days free trial.
Who can learn : Learning...

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"Seeking knowledge is seeking Allah, and as the knowledge grows, Emaan grows."
Assalam o alaikum:
If you are searching for a qualified teacher for learning Quran, Tajweed and Hifz Quran feel free to contact me, i am Hafiz Usama Salik, a Pakistani Quran totor and new here at techeron. I have studied Quran at Jamia qasim ul aloom the oldest and...

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I’m Iman, my native language is Arabic, from Gaza Palestine ??, I have a strong voice, correct sound of letters that able me to do a great job, I’m an engineer and I’m Studying Arabic language, Alhamdulillah I memorize Holy Quran, have two courses in Tajweed, excellent grade.
??For reading and Writing Skills??
If you...

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