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I am tutor Tiso a professional tutor in many fields I am always available for my students any time they need me .I am always ready to work with their instructions and directives of their tutor to meet all the requirements. I am open for corrections any time they arise.I have helped students before and they have scored high scores in their exams...

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  • Ahsan Haider Assignments, Homework, Quizes, Exams help
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~~ “A good teacher is Like a candle – It consumes itself to light the way for the others” ~~
I am passionate about teaching also ambitious and driven. I'm a people-person and have the ability to convey my message to my students and also result-oriented person. I've the ability of time management during online exam, also have full grip on the...

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I am an Experienced Teaching professional having a strong candidate bank from across the world. I have been helping the students with the subjects of Corporate Finance, Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Audit, HR, Marketing, Econometrics, Business Ethics and Business Management to the students that range from O/A levels to...

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  • Shem John I am a proficient research writer
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I am a proficient research writer. I hold a Master's Degree and have eight years of writing experience in Business, Marketing, English & Literature, Finance, History, Medicine, Law, Religion, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Architecture, and Engineering.

I offer writing consultancy services in Research papers, Reports, Business proposals,...

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Am Simon, I’m a freelance academic writer with over 7 YEARS of experience writing technical and non-technical academic papers/articles. I have worked with different freelance companies, such as 4 writers, Writer bay, Academia-Research, Hawkresearch and Uvocorp (master’s level).

I studied Bachelor of Commerce in my undergraduate study and...

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  • Irene Anjeh Law, Business, Finance, Accounting, Economics
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I have an LLB, GDL, LL.M (equality and the legal system) and an LL.M/LPC law and business management. I can assist in several areas of Law, Business, Finance, Economics, Accounting, and SPSS. I have extensive freelance writing and academic experience, guaranteeing professional quality and great results!
I can assist in-

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  • Subash M Math, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, Economics
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A quality-driven expert with special technical skills and vast experience in various disciplines. A plagiarism-free paper and impeccable quality content are what I deliver. Timely delivery and originality are guaranteed.

  • United States
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  • Aakash Verma ML, Data, Eco., Mgt. (100's of Assignments Solved)
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I am here to help you with your assignments/project needs. We believe in providing quality work and we are very particular about time. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

We have helped 100's of students/ faculties/ professionals around the world to solve assignments and projects. We have helped students from Canada, Europe - Germany,...

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  • 8.0 yr.
  • Saloni Khurana Search me on Google Scholar; helped 250+ students
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** My priority is to make your goal successful. I have been recognized as BEST LECTURER, ASSIGNMENT SOLVER, DATA ANALYST, DISSERTATION GUIDE & CONSULTANT **
I have experience of more than 10 years. I teach, write codes, solve assignments, write papers/thesis, and guide for assignments/papers/thesis. I believe...

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I am teaching as a lecturer for the last 8 year. i taught online many students all around the world and they all were happy with my teaching methodology. I always try to satisfy my students no matter what. I also have done many data analysis project on different software such as SPSS, R language, Stata, Minitab. I am also working as a Research...

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Dear Students
Do you need best scores in your exams/homework//tests/quizzes and assignments. ?
Do you need one to one // Group Tutoring Class to explore concept knowledge ?

Charges 15-20$ Per Hour

Following Subjects are Covered :-
1.Statistics || Business Statistics|| Inference || Probability || Data Analysis || SPSS | R Language

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Raise your Grade with solution expert. A Doctor of Statistics knows much better about the problems/projects then others. Must write what'sapp to solution expert doctor before fixing your task, I know students paying their valued money just for better Grades.
~~* Currently I’m Statistics Instructor at University and have more than 12 year teaching...

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  • Liezel Korf SPSS / Research Psychologist / Statistician /
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I am a quantitative researcher who specializes in statistics and research methodology. I am a registered research psychologist and have been lecturing research methodology and statistics for the past 30 years. I am also an SPSS trainer from introductory to advanced topics. I have assisted hundreds of students with the statistical analyses for...

  • South Africa
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  • Upendra Lele Statistics, Excel, R, Python, PHP, MySQL
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M.Tech.(IIT-Bombay) with 35+ years of experience in Manufacturing, IT, and Education fields. I have used Microsoft Excel extensively during my industry tenure and I have been teaching Excel and Statistics in Business schools in India and abroad since last 12 years. I have also done and I am still engaged in consulting to some small and medium...

  • India
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I am an industrious person, I personalized in giving and bringing out the best in my students. I make use of easy learning methods with dated textbooks for teaching and some other textbooks for recommendation to fast track my student learning. Education is not about reading or learning. It's about the reasoning of change that yielded the best...

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Expert in Data Analysis, Research Methodology, project guidance (UG&PG Levels) in management fields.
Rich expertise in Ph.D. Guidance.

1. Case-based teaching
2. Storytelling approach
3. Gaming
4. Problem solving
5. Decision-making skills will be taught.
6. Overall development is ensured with the implementation of the above teaching...

  • India
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  • 11.0 yr.
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I am a statistician by profession. I have more than two years of experience as a data analyst. I am proficient in the following software; SPSS, STATA, SAS, Jamovi, R/Rstudio, Minitab, and Excel. My tutoring method for this software involves step by step explanation of the procedure, outlining the most appropriate statistical test while...

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I am Muhammad Bilal
BS Statistics from University of ------
I have experience in Statistics, Biostatistics, Statistical Technique and Probability and Statistics
If you have any Query relayed to those Subject then Contact me .
If you need help in Biostatistics parametric and non Parametric test
If you help in Regression Analysis, Statistical...

  • Pakistan
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I can assist you in Statistics, Probability, R Language. I can help you also with your assignment, quiz and exam. I am expert in Descriptive Statistics, Probability Distribution, Confidence Interval, Hypothesis Test, Regression and Random Variable. I can help you also in the Data scaping using library rvest, Data manipulation using library ddplyr,...

  • Philippines
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  • 2.5 yr.
  • Collins Kaba I'm a senior academic writer,a believer of "SMART"
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I am a senior academic trainer with 5 years of working experience. I have two degrees with a concentration in statistics. However, I am comfortable handling tasks from wide fields since I have spent much of my time conducting research. I can comfortably handle...

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