💻 Online Thermal and fluids engineering tutor jobs

CyclePad program Activity For mechanical engineering ( beginner level ) and report ( 10 pages )
kindly don't message me unless you know cycle pad ( list your price in the message kindly )

2 Activities needed : 1st Activity on pictures ( first picture is instruction only )
2nd Activity in pdf file

  • May 24
  • Beirut, Lebanon

mechanical engineering activities ( online )
if you are interested text me on whatsapp please

  • May 9
  • Madrid, Spain

Iam looking for a thermal physics tutor that can help me in my exam with a high skills

  • May 16
  • Al Towayya - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates

Hello, I know a teacher who knows Thermal Fluids subject very well.
Someone who can help me with my quizzes and test in the next month.

Maximum pay 10 dollars an hour.
Please contact me through WhatsApp.

  • May 14
  • Al Malaz, Riyadh Saudi Arabia
  • $10/hour

Hi . I’m an architecture engineering student. I have thermal science final exam on 13-5-2020. So If can help in solving it i’ll be so thankful.

  • May 10
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait
  • $97 (Fixed)

Hi, I am taking an introduction course in Physics at my University, and I would like to get help.

Please take contact if you know most of the topics bellow.

The syllabus of my course:
1 Motion
2 Forces and motion
3 Scientific method
4 Energy
5 Momentum
6 Statics
7 Fluid mechanics
8 Thermal physics
9 Heat Transfer

  • May 5
  • Kristiansand, Norway