Online tutor jobs in Brazil

I need private lessons for inventory models such as Economic Order
Quantity, EPQ, discount , Newsvendor Model( The basic Newsvendor Model, NV Model / Performance measures, NV application in SC contracting)

  • Sep 23
  • Sep 23
  • Vila Andrade, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil

Subject: Instrumentation Engineering

- Inverting Amplifier and Non-Inverting Amplifier.
- Summing and Averaging Amplifiers.
- Strain Gauge Sensor and Signal Conditioning.

  • Sep 21
  • São Thomé das Letras, MG, 37418-000, Brazil
  • R$100 (Fixed)


How are you brothers,

I need help in this subject Instrumentation and measurement II

If you have a lot of information about this subject send me in WhatsApp, It is an exam and I need help.

Example of topics;
1 ) Transmission and signals
2 ) Humidity, density, viscosity, PH measurement
3 ) flow measurement definition and its...

  • Sep 16
  • São Thomé das Letras, MG, 37418-000, Brazil
  • R$100 (Fixed)

I would like help writing an English essay on Friedrick Reck's "Diary of a Man in Despair." If you have read the book and have experience with the subject, please reach out - I will reward very generously for any help. Reach out to me on WhatsApp for any inquiries and interest.


  • Sep 12
  • R. Dr. Alcides da Silveira Faro - Jardim Guedala, São Paulo - SP, 05603-040, Brazil
  • R$1,000/hour

Python, Machine Learning, classes.

  • Sep 10
  • Sep 10
  • Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil
  • R$1,000/month

Experience with Reactor design and Analysis, help with these subjects.

  • Sep 10
  • Uberlândia, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • R$27/hour

I need someone to guide me through IELTS - Life Skills

  • Sep 3
  • Niterói, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • R$100/hour

Knowledge in describing and analyzing chemical processes control

  • Sep 2
  • Sep 1
  • Uberlândia, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • R$90/hour

I would like to improve my IB history IA marks. I finished the first draft and got feedback, but would like to have you make the edits and writing to improve the grade a lot

  • Aug 30
  • R. Dr. Alcides da Silveira Faro - Jardim Guedala, São Paulo - SP, 05603-040, Brazil
  • R$500/hour

Hey Teacher, I'm interested in studying by Method Callan and I'd like to know if you teach online lessons. :)

  • Aug 30
  • Fortaleza - State of Ceará, Brazil

I'm working in the project to maintenance predictive in some machines from iot sensors data. The idea is create a forecast model for haw many days the machine runs to failure. That ideia is use the python code for solve this. I have a data set from 20 machines with 6 moths of the data and 4 examples that machine failure. The data set is based in...

  • Aug 28
  • São Leopoldo, RS, Brazil
  • R$40/hour