Online tutor jobs in China

I want to do seismic analysis (transient analysis (time history analysis)) of a Concrete filled steel tube arch bridge using ANSYS APDL. And do the damping control anaylsis.

  • 9 hours ago
  • Zheng Zhou Da Xue Nan Qu Xue Su 14 Hao Lou, Er Qi Qu, Zheng Zhou Shi, He Nan Sheng, China, 450052
  • ¥500 (Fixed)

Hello I am looking for an IB English tutor who can help me with my English IB extended essay! I am looking for an online tutor at affordable rates, it would be great if I can get connected to a tutor soon.

  • Oct 1
  • Ta Yuan Nan Xiao Jie, 使馆区 Chao Yang Qu, Bei Jing Shi, China, 100027
  • ¥100/hour

I am an employee of company,I need to use English in my work comnunication, I looking for someone with experience in spoken English, I am available from 8.00 pm GMB+8 to 11.00 pm GMB+8 and flexable on Weekends, You should have a good internet connection, my budget is maximum of $10 per hour

  • Sep 30
  • Fo Shan Zhan, 桂城 Chan Cheng Qu, Fo Shan Shi, Guang Dong Sheng, China, 528099
  • ¥80/hour

A question about the MYOB: I have set up the layout in "set up--easy setup assistant" that the "Income Account" is "Sales Revenue", but when I enter the Sales, the "Recap Transaction" Debit side still shows "Cash at Bank". Similarly, the "Expense Account" is "Merchandise Inventory", but the "Recap Transaction" Credit side in the "Enter Purchases"...

  • Sep 27
  • Sep 27
  • Wen Yuan Lu, Si Ming Qu, Xia Men Shi, Fu Jian Sheng, China
  • ¥50/hour

Find a tuitor for Public forum debate. Online class, 1 to 2. Please send me a message.

  • Sep 26
  • Sep 26
  • Chengde, Hebei, China
  • ¥72/hour

Hi tutor
I am looking for online lessons only to teach me CAD Space Claim.
Tutors must have positive feedback and need to know them very well CAD Space Claim and be able to do online lessons. The tutor must be able to deliver a demo class to show is own skill and how to manage the lesson.

There is no assignment to solve you and send me the...

  • Sep 25
  • Wu Han Hua Nan Hai Xian Pi Fa Shi Chang, Jianghan Qu, Wuhan Shi, Hubei Sheng, China
  • ¥75/hour

I am finding On line English teachers Who have online experience in kids or adults .
Teachers who haveTOEFL and IELTS certificates or have these experience will be much better.
please don't hesitate to contact with me. I will provide many opportunities for you.
Contact me. send email to me: *********

  • Sep 22
  • Su Zhou Zhong Xin MALL Shang Chang, 观前街地区 Wu Zhong Qu, Su Zhou Shi, Jiang Su Sheng, China, 215027
  • ¥80/hour

Hi I'm hoping my son can improve his speech.

  • Sep 18
  • Country Garden Community, Fangshan District, Beijing, China, 102401
  • ¥25/hour

wenny is 8 years old chinese girl,she read RAZ K series now and need some teaching .

  • Sep 12
  • Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, China

I need someone to help me plot graphs and charts using the GEODETECTOR model.
Dataset and other related documents will be provided after the tutor contacts me.

  • Sep 10
  • Lan Zhou Da Xue - Wu Li Ke Xue Yu Ji Shu Xue Yuan, Cheng Guan Qu, Lan Zhou Shi, Gan Su Sheng, China, 730000

Learn Abaqus
I have watched several YouTube videos and got a basic idea of how Abaqus works. Following YouTube videos worked well. However, I do not have enough knowledge of Abaqus to create something on my own. Here I need more support and help. Simple homework related to my work would be greatly helpful.

Here a bit more specific what I need...

  • Sep 6
  • Qing Hua Dong Lu, Wudaokou, Hai Dian Qu, Bei Jing Shi, China
  • ¥100/hour