Online tutor jobs in Lebanon

Please contact me via whats app ********* for Finance course (alternative investments)

  • Oct 3
  • American University, Bayrut, Lebanon

I am in need of help in my computer science assignments Mostly focused on C/C++

  • Oct 3
  • Salim Salam, Bayrut, Lebanon
  • livre100,000/hour

My name is Elio Gemayel and I am looking forward to take the delf test B2 next month. I am searching for a teacher who is involved in this particular area and who can help me to pass the exam. Looking forward to hear from you.


  • Sep 25
  • Beirut, Lebanon

Read speach and write english

  • Sep 12
  • Sep 12
  • Khalde, Lebanon

hello, im chris. i have a chem makeup exam in a week.
subject including: stoichometry, behavior of gases and solutions.
i need most help in stoichometry and less help with solutions and behaviors of gases since ive studied them fairly well ( at least better than stoichometry)
text me on whatsapp : *********

  • Sep 11
  • Rabieh, Lebanon
  • livre250,000/hour

Extensive knowledge in computer and information security

  • Sep 7
  • Beirut, Lebanon
  • livre300,000/hour