Online tutor jobs in Uganda

I want to learn IELTS academic

  • Jan 29
  • Gulu, Uganda
  • USh50,000/month

Greetings Grace, I need to have your time of teaching to help my girlfriend with grammar and English speaking. I need your program and I see how to align it with hers. My number is ********* She is willing to learn. I thank you

  • Jan 27
  • Naalya, Kampala, Uganda

I want pass advanced literature

  • Jan 23
  • Kamwenge, Uganda
  • USh5,000/day

Two hours

  • Jan 23
  • Uganda House, Kampala, Uganda

To guide me in my journey of ilets

  • Jan 16
  • Kampala, Uganda

Looking for an expert ielt trainer who could help me get good bands.

  • Jan 14
  • Jinja, Uganda
  • USh30,000/hour

IELTS Training academic

  • Jan 14
  • Kampala, Uganda

I don't meditate often but I normally meditate like for 5 minutes twice a week
I do not get enough time but I can use your help to guide me since am a beginner
My expectations are that through my way, I may get enlightened and that's what am fighting to archive.
I could always use the weekend because am a student and am in school.

  • Jan 10
  • Bunga, Kampala, Uganda
  • USh50,000/annually

I am looking for a physics and maths tutor for A level,…..I would like to study online,and the tutor should be friendly and at least 2years experience,my budget is 100,000 uganda shillings till February..

  • Jan 10
  • Najjera, Uganda
  • USh100,000/month


  • Jan 9
  • Nabuti Road, Mukono, Uganda

History texts
Making guides especially past papers

  • Jan 8
  • Kampala, Uganda
  • USh100,000/month

I am looking for a quran teacher who can help me with correct pronunciation of alphabets, teach me quran memorisation for the whole quran if possible.
I have some knowledge on yasaruna and quran to some Sarah's in juuzu tabaraka but I'm so very disturbed with pronunciation

  • Jan 2
  • Iganga, Uganda
  • USh150,000/month

I want to learn computer programming

  • Jan 1
  • Kaliro, Uganda