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I need help with electromagnetic waves and Maxwell’s Equations Topic. Also smith chart.
Please see the uploaded file.

I have exam starts in 10 minutes.

  • Jun 17
  • Abha Saudi Arabia
  • $20/hour

Hi, I am looking for an physics expert for phys102 course who can help me with my assignment that contains 1 or 2 questions on WAVES chapter (16) .

I want the full steps and the final answer solved on a paper.

The assignment will be today 1 pm Riyadh (GMT+3) after 5 hours.


  • Jun 13
  • Riyadh TV Tower, Al Wisham, Riyadh 12735, Saudi Arabia

I'm a student, I need help in my course "Optics" talk about physics and optics and waves

for more info please contact me here or on this number: *********

  • Jun 11
  • Madinaty, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

I'm in need of someone who is an expert in Electromagnetic Waves & Propulsion
I need help for an assignment/quiz that is on Thursday, June 10th.
The quiz will be of 2h length.
I can provide all the lecture materials.

The content that will be covered is:
1) Laws of electromagnetism
2) Maxwell Equations
3) Waves Propagation

It is very...

  • Jun 9
  • 64 Milton Ave, Kingston, ON K7L 4V1, Canada
  • $33 (Fixed)

I am looking for help on a quiz for physics, waves and fields course. Here are the topics covered: Energy of simple harmonic motion, pendulum, damped oscillations, and resonance. Intro to waves, travelling waves and waves on a string. Sound waves, Sound wave Intensity. Doppler Effect, Mathematics of Wave Addition, Standing Waves, waves in cavity....

  • Jun 8
  • Brampton, ON, Canada
  • $58 (Fixed)

I need help in transmission lines.

  • Jun 8
  • Kuwait City, Kuwait

Want to get expert to solve few Q in Electromagnatic waves

As i said an expert please.
Sample as it is .

  • Jun 5
  • Al Qazaz, Dammam 32244, Saudi Arabia

I need help with foundation physics final exam
basics materials for the first common year of engineering.
The materials :
- Mechanics
- Electricity and Magnetism
- Waves and Quantum Mechanics

  • Jun 4
  • Al Safa, Jeddah Saudi Arabia


Phenomena of Light
Principle of Superposition
_Conditions of Interference

Interference due to Thin Films

Applications of Interference - Antireflection coating, Structural colours, Wedge method

_Applications of Interference - Optical flat, Newtons Rings, Michelson Interferometer

Practice Problems on...

  • May 21
  • Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  • $8/hour

I have an exam in Physics on 2nd June. The topics being covered are reflection and refraction of light, image formation by mirrors and lenses, wave optics, and relativity.
I have attached some sample questions also. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

  • May 31
  • Gurugram, Haryana, India