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  • Victor Anya Specialized in English, Mathematics and Science
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I am a teacher whose teaching is based on experience,skills and adaptations to current means of delivering knowledge.Teaching is fruitless when a student or pupil fails to understand what is being taught by the teacher.,so I am committed to teaching to full understanding of the learner.In as much as teaching is not a fancy or make laugh job,I...

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I teach down to earth to facilitate understanding. Practical teaching by putting myself in the learners shoes using relevant teaching aids.
teaching online in addition to sharing already made power point presentations based on a specific topic.
I am overwhelmed when learners I teach are able to meet my expected objectives.
I need not to write...

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I am a diligent and hardworking Individual with the desire to help others achieve their goals in life.
I studied BSc Biomedical Engineering and I'm available for online teaching in the areas of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and ICT. I teach senior high school students.
I believe that with the right guidance and help, everyone can learn and...

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Hello dearest student or learner,guess all is well.
I trust you aim to be the best among the rest and I am sure you can if you get a good and devoted facilitator or teacher to help you through.
I promise you won't regret calling me to your aid.l patiently but tactfully take students though lessons with the help of lesson plan,TLMs,experiences as...

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  • 5.0 yr.
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I'm a collaborative and hands on activity based chemistry teacher. I teach to the core of understanding by everyone of my students. Very simplistic and makes room to accommodate all students. Teaching to the needs of every student.
I believe that every student or learner has a unique learning style and therefore need the appropriate teaching...

  • Agona
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  • 1.0 yr.
  • 10.0 yr.
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I teach concept and abstract thinking.
I guide you to think and solve problems and that's you gaining mastery.
Conceptual teaching is what am passionate about.
You might ask about what conceptual teaching is? It a type of teaching that it goal is to make you understand the concept of what is being learnt and not just methods.
The ability to...

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