Online Julia Programming teacher required in Prague 5

  • Prague 5, Czechia
  • 1,000/hour (45.43 USD)
  • Posted : Jan 25
  • Level : Expert
  • Requires : Part Time
  • Posted by : Ilona (Student )
  • Phone verified +420-*********
  • Gender Preference : None
  • Available online
  • Not available for home tutoring
  • Can not travel
  • Can communicate in : English

Hello ,
I need to build support vector machine from scratch in Julia using different optimisation techniques and different kernels. I have scripts of different optimisation techniques that I’ve already build and applied to logistic regression algorithm.
But currently my support vector machines model is not general and I can use it only with gradient descent. I’m new to Julia language and struggle to finish this script in time (by Monday 30.01). Maybe you could help me to finalise/redo my current solution ?
Best regards,