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  • Online Business assignment help tutor required in Sønderborg

  • 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark
  • kr.100 (Fixed) (14.95 USD)
  • Posted : Apr 16
  • Level : Bachelors (Undergraduate)
  • Requires : Part Time
  • Posted by : Seher O (Student )
  • Phone unavailable
  • Gender Preference : None

I have an assignment in the course Business IT.
I need a full solution with all the excel/codes --> so I need all the documents and files.
The solution or your answer should be full and very detailed described/ explained, so I also can understand it. This includes that you also need to write and argument and comment for your answer/ solution and choices.

So, in other words, a need a full answer in a report form but you also need to send me ALL the documents and files that belong to the assignments. Please specify in the documents which answer is to which assignment.

When you are done I will maximum pay 15 USD.

Can you do this for 15 USD then contact me and let me know when you can get done.

Thanks in advance!