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  • Online Cloud Computing assignment help teacher needed in Southwark

  • Southwark, London SE1 3RA, UK
  • £70 (Fixed) (88.61 USD)
  • Posted : Apr 26
  • Level : Expert
  • Due Date : 27-04-2019
  • Requires : Part Time
  • Posted by : ALI (Student )
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Looking for someone who has extensive knowledge in Cloud computing Technolgy as well as AI and Robotic Process Automation to teach me some concepts and also to complete a report so written english must be very good.

Looking for someone as soon as possible for this deadline is 2 days for this.
contact me on whatsapp ********

the report is as follows:

The work is to write an essay of 2,000-3,000 words (excluding the references) about how
the combination of Cloud Computing (CC) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can
change a business of your choice (e.g., in banking, finance, retailing, manufacturing, and